The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform enables you to identify and mitigate current risks and protect against future risks.

Protect Against Missed Obligations and Entitlements

Proactively monitor contractual obligations and deviations with AI-powered insights. ICI’s advanced AI trained on millions of contracts can identify and extract obligations and entitlements hidden in contracts, then capture their details in a structured form. This allows tasks and actions to be assigned to owners, who receive proactive notifications and alerts so that nothing gets missed. Obligation data can also be aggregated and tracked across the business for unprecedented visibility into enterprise contract performance and risk.

Protect Against Fines, Penalties and Reputational Damage

Respond to market changes and adhere to regulations around the globe with an intelligent rules engine. ICI’s rules-based authoring capabilities greatly improve the scalability and agility of contracting operations while also enforcing appropriate process controls based on parameters such as geography and contract value. This enables your company to avoid compliance lapses that carry fines and damage reputations. ICI’s intuitive dashboards and risk models provide users with proactive contract monitoring to help identify and mitigate compliance issues that hurt the bottom line, and the system is flexible enough to allow risk managers and other stakeholders to update rules in real time to stay ahead of changing market and regulatory conditions.

Protect Against Maverick Contracting

Minimize deviations with company-wide standard agreements and templates. ICI’s template and clause libraries create a centralized repository for approved, up-to-date contract language for simplified management and control. By managing contracts from a central repository, you can enjoy full visibility and control over the contract language being sent out from your company. Seamless integration with your company’s existing IT systems provides an enterprise-wide source of truth throughout the entire contracting process, allowing companies to efficiently renew contract language as regulations or customer needs change.

The Value of Enterprise Contract Management:

How Icertis Customers Have Leveraged ICI to Accelerate Business, Protect Against Risk and Optimize Their Business

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