The Icertis platform helps you work with contracts more intelligently, applying insights to manage risk and find new value.

Intelligent Compliance

Obligations from clauses and terms are automatically created, cataloged, tracked and assigned to stakeholders in a simple, intuitive way. Integration with Dun & Bradstreet, Thomson Reuters, etc support supplier checks and related third-party data.

Intelligent Integration

The Icertis platform is deeply integrated with other enterprise systems such as SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and all major sourcing, procurement, and CPQ solutions — to help you track revenue, costs, and savings across the enterprise

Intelligent Risk Tracking

Automatic profiling and tracking throughout each contract’s lifecycle allows you to better assess overall risk, with configurable risk assessment models that recalculate risk each time a contract is modified or external data changes.

Intelligent Context

You can better track potential liabilities and discover hidden value with Smart Links, which automatically search metadata to find related contracts and provide a holistic view of any given contract’s complex dependencies.

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