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An intelligent and modern approach to managing your contracts.

The Icertis platform enables teams across the entire enterprise to easily and intelligently work with contracts.

Contracts are at the core of business. But how much visibility does your team have into them? The Icertis Contract Management platform is designed to allow teams to easily and intelligently work with contracts across the enterprise, transforming them from documents to be filed into assets to be leveraged.

The Icertis platform is designed to be contract agnostic. The self-service contract creation wizard can be configured to work on any kind of contract: buy-side, sell-side, employment, lease, NDA, whatever your business requires. The platform is entirely configurable and can be adapted to match any business process or approval workflow needed, evolving with your business as needs change.

The interface is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, with configurable dashboards that can be modified to fit any role, individual preference or working style. The platform’s seamless integrations with leading line-of-business and productivity applications like SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and all major sourcing, procurement, PLM, project management, and CPQ solutions, help reduce errors and improve productivity and speed. Just as importantly, the product lets your team work the way they want to work, driving adoption and improving compliance.

Smart, contextual information about each contract helps your team track contract performance, manage risk and obligations, with customizable alerts and notifications to help avoid penalties and take advantage of potential rebates or incentives.

These capabilities applied enterprise-wide, in a simple to deploy, cloud-based platform, can have an immediate and significant effect on the bottom line, reducing speed to contract while maximizing profits.

Microsoft jointly sponsors many events with its over 650,000 partners worldwide. Icertis was able to securely and cost-effectively simplify the process that Microsoft uses to onboard these partners, verify that they have complied with their contractual obligations related to each event, and execute incentive payments to each partner.

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