With unmatched technology and category-defining innovation, Icertis pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with CLM.

To stay out in front, now and into the future, companies need forward-looking innovation that spans every step in the process to get the most business value out of their CLM investment. Icertis is the undisputed leader in CLM technology and has completely reimagined what’s possible with this mission-critical technology.

Icertis was the first company to grasp the truly transformative potential of CLM and has boldly pursued the vision of organization-wide contract intelligence for more than a decade. Our platform is built for any contract in any industry, delivering value across the organization.

The true value of ICI begins after a contract is signed. You need full visibility and powerful tools to ensure what you and your partners have committed to happens, even as conditions change.

Icertis innovations continue to push toward self-governance, with continuous monitoring and smart rules that automatically ensure compliance and minimize risk.

That’s why Icertis is the only CLM company named to the Forbes AI 50 list two years in a row.

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