The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform enables you to derive quick time to value to rapidly improve the bottom line.

Accelerate Cycle Time

Increase contract velocity with automated, intelligent contract authoring, approval and execution processes that shorten the contract cycle time, speed up collaboration and improve employee efficiency. With ICI, you can flexibly model complex organizations, global business relationships, and contracting workflows to ensure that digitized contracts instantly route to the right person at the right time for review, approval and signature, thereby eliminating contract delays and bottlenecks.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Empower sales to close deals faster with AI-powered negotiations and no-touch contract initiation within the sales systems they use every day. With ICI, your company can rapidly improve the bottom line by analyzing high volumes of contracts to understand component terms and surface similar precedents from your contract repository. This reduces the time spent authoring and reviewing contracts to ensure the best possible outcome for your business. And ICI’s API-first architecture means these optimized sales contracts can be managed within Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce, eliminating the time and efficiency lost from switching applications.

Accelerate Partnerships

Get your partnerships up and running quickly with faster onboarding and advanced collaboration tools. ICI’s secure online collaboration portal enables third parties to access ICI and complete contract tasks—submit redlines, review contracts and upload compliance documents—within parameters set by your company. This enables you to work more effectively with critical business partners throughout the contract lifecycle. Fast, seamless contract collaboration is especially valuable in situations where parties are working across different time zones—historically a common cause of project delays.

The Value of Enterprise Contract Management

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