In today’s business environment, enterprises in every industry are looking for new ways to digitally transform their operations to help them survive and compete. The rewards — and the risks — have never been higher. To succeed in this new world, businesses must take a new approach to managing the relationships that drive commerce. Contracts are the foundation of those relationships.

The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform turns your contracts from static documents into strategic assets, giving your enterprise powerful new capabilities to increase revenue, reduce cost, accelerate cash flow and minimize risk.

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Accelerate Commerce

Derive quicker time to value and rapidly improve the bottom line with intelligent contract authoring, approval, execution and post-execution management. Accelerate cycle times with automated processes, accelerate cash flow by empowering sales to close deals faster, and get your partnerships up and running quicker with advanced onboarding and collaboration tools.

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Protect Against Risk

Leverage AI-powered insights to identify and mitigate current risks as well as protect against future risks by proactively monitoring contractual obligations and deviations. The secure and scalable ICM interface allows businesses to quickly respond to market changes and adhere to regulations around the globe with an intelligent rules engine.

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Optimize Your Business

Drive efficiency and agility with always-on, anytime, anywhere contracting. Negotiate smarter contracts from a single source of truth, increase revenue and reduce operational cost with standardized procurement and customer contracting, and increase efficiency with access to contract intelligence at all stages of the contract lifecycle.

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We’ve built flexible, powerful tools and features that can help every department involved in any contracting across the enterprise.

For Procurement:

Reduce risk and gain unprecedented control over the global supply chain.
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For Legal:

Manage risk, ensure compliance, and gain the ability to respond to rapidly changing regulatory requirements.
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For Finance:

Manage risk, improve compliance and realize the full value of your commercial relationships.
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For Sales:

Accelerate the sales process and reduce lead to contract cycle time.
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For Corporate:

Manage NDAs, MoUs, employment agreements, M&A and a whole lot more.
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