Turn Your Contracts into a Strategic Advantage with
the AI-Powered Contract Management Platform
Tailored to Your Industry

Reduce Risk and Identify Profitable Opportunities

Your business runs on contracts with suppliers, vendors, customers, providers, employees, partners, and more. Tailor-made contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions from Icertis give you the industry-specific capabilities you need to initiate error-free agreements faster, streamline the approval process, and manage contracts across your organization to reduce risk and identify opportunities to enhance profitability—even for the most complex relationships involving multiple parties.

With AI-powered contract intelligence, you can:

  • Streamline collaboration between parties
  • Improve compliance and reduce risk
  • Onboard stakeholders and close deals faster
  • Gain insight from AI specific to your market
  • Enable teams to self-serve templated contracts
  • Gain visibility into obligations and dependencies
  • Link contracts to sales and marketing platforms
  • Track performance and proactively identify issues

Increase Business Agility, Contract Visibility, and Sales Velocity

Our contract intelligence solutions are built for the way your business works, with industry-specific contract types, rules, associations, workflows, reports, dashboards, and AI models. Simple to implement and fast to deploy, our platform also integrates seamlessly with standard sales, marketing, and business platforms, making it easy to connect and analyze information in contracts across your organization in real time.

The result: increased business agility, visibility, and velocity with better compliance and lower risk, so you can ensure the intention of every contract is realized.

The Icertis Solution

Icertis Contract Intelligence offers the contract management tools your team needs to streamline contract processes and connect them to the systems they touch.

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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) & Distribution

Keep contract terms on target, onboard new customers quickly, and guard against revenue leaks and profit erosion.

  • Accelerate the tasks that precede contract signing
  • Streamline approvals by providing standardized agreements for MSAs, GPOs, and customer and supplier agreements
  • Identify the best product mix and profitability models
  • Automate rebate and incentive settlements
  • Get real-time visibility into performance so you can adjust quickly and make informed decisions
Contract Intelligence Tailored to IT and Professional Services Companies

IT & Professional Services

Gain visibility of customer obligations and supplier dependencies to ensure you never miss a deadline or delivery due to unforeseen contractual issues.

  • Connect sell-side and buy-side contracts across sales teams and subcontractors
  • Integrate with CRM to speed up approval of contracts generated by third parties
  • Govern SOW and work order terms under MSAs effectively
  • Ensure contract language aligns with rate cards, billing milestones, etc.
  • Flow terms, obligations, and financials across related contracts in complex deals easily
Engineer in control room of a factory


Empower sales teams to complete everyday contract tasks on their own to accelerate the approval process and close deals faster.

  • Implement self-service capabilities to keep up with high contract volumes
  • Integrate with industry-standard CRM, CPQ, and billing systems seamlessly
  • Automate the creation and updating of related contracts—MSAs, SOWs, order forms, and product addendums
  • Track and proactively address contract obligations, commitments, and deliverables
Healthcare Payer Contract Intelligence

Healthcare | Payer

Ensure full compliance in a strict regulatory environment and enable seamless contract collaboration between parties.

  • Automate management of complex PPA, BAA, ASA, and other agreements
  • Execute claims, disputes, and change requests quickly and efficiently
  • Implement actions across numerous contracts simultaneously
  • Align contracts for optimal performance across the organization
  • Easily push contract details to supplier portals through OpenRFx
  • React quickly to regulatory changes to ensure continual compliance

Life Sciences | Medical Technology

Manage payment models, multiparty agreements, and regulatory changes effectively in an evolving market.

  • Automate rebates, pricing, payment terms, and fee calculations for all contracts
  • Eliminate overpayment and improve obligation management
  • Manage compliance and risk in documents referenced for contracts
  • Access clauses and templates in multiple languages to enable fast global deployment
  • Align and manage agreements across GPOs, IDNs, PBMs, and HCPs
  • Streamline negotiations related to layered product pricing

The Icertis Solution

Icertis Contract Intelligence offers the contract management tools your team needs to streamline contract processes and connect them to the systems they touch.

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