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Contract Management for Telecom

Manage spend with contract intelligence by gaining visibility into your contracts while ensuring compliance and managing risk

Leverage the full contract value of thousands of tower leases, technology investments, rebates, and incentives from OEM device manufacturers.

The Reality

Accelerating change challenges Telcos to optimize spending and manage obligations

Ever-increasing business costs and shrinking margins challenge communications companies at a time of significant and accelerating digital transformation, including 5G and IoT. Telecom organizations are tested to keep up with the pace of change and manage risk due to substantial data volumes, complex business processes, and a need for more insights into contractual commitments.

The Solution

Make informed decisions quickly with comprehensive insights into contracts

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Telecom is at the foundation of digital transformation to grow revenue and margins while optimizing spending on leases, licenses, operations, and technology. Harnessing the value of contract data is a critical building block for Telecom’s success in integrating business systems across the enterprise, delivering on customer experience expectations, and – crucially – protecting the business against leaks, penalties, and risks.

Featured Case Study

"Icertis has helped us automate and standardize our contracting process, allowing us to improve visibility into our contracts and ensure compliance in our partnership and supplier relationships. The integrations with SAP and Coupa have been critical in streamlining our processes and maximizing the value of our contract data now and into the future." Yudha Dewangga Kusuma, VP Legal, Contract Management

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The Benefits

Manage spending, ensure compliance, automate and connect Telecom operations, enterprise wide

  • Eliminate silos. Collaborate across teams

    Eliminate silos with seamless collaboration across teams on contracting processes and barrier-free access to contract data throughout the contract lifecycle.

  • Standardize contracts

    Standardize and integrate with a single platform to create, negotiate, and approve all contracts across OEMs, dealers, and partners.

  • Accelerate contract lifecycle

    Accelerate contract processes with intelligent contract setup, guided negotiations, and automated workflows.

  • Integrate with buy and sell-side systems

    Improve CX across enterprise systems and processes with deep, out-of-the-box integrations with buy and sell-side transactional systems, e.g., SAP, Salesforce, Workday: 160+ open API endpoints.

  • Improve vendor relationships

    Improve vendor relationships with full visibility into OEM and leasing contracts, robust API integrations, and workflow automations for effective vendor management.

  • Risk and obligations management

    Protect against risk by using AI to analyze third-party paper, standardize terms following acquisitions, and automate contract processes across the business, ensuring obligations and compliance requirements are fulfilled.

  • AI-powered insights

    Unlock insights with powerful AI to discover data and analyze contracts across the enterprise, such as visibility into commitments to provide service delivery teams with timely and in-depth access to order information.

  • Grow revenue

    Grow revenue by acting on insights from usage patterns, device volume, pricing, and bundled offers.

  • Control spend

    Optimize spending through automation and streamlined tower and fiber leasing, spectrum licensing, technology, and sourcing contract processes at every stage of the contract lifecycle.


WorldCC Benchmark Report Telecom Insights

Looking at responses from those in the Telecommunications Industry specifically, the report found that while many organizations have made significant investments in developing their contract management capabilities, some are performing at world-class levels, others have yet to progress to the advanced levels required to compete effectively in today’s demanding market conditions.

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Use Cases

Put contract intelligence to work for Telecom to realize transformation goals and drive business performance

  • Manage risk with data insights

    Harness the power of contract data and AI for visibility into obligations and liabilities that underpin business continuity, financial performance, and reputation. Scale and optimize every step of the contracting process for proactive monitoring and enterprise-wide risk management.

  • Fuel business performance with faster contracting

    Scale and optimize every step of the contract lifecycle to ensure faster contracting to close deals more quickly and accelerate revenue. Execute procurement and finance processes on time and in compliance for consistent revenue lifecycle management from procurement to invoice.

  • Connect Telecom operations with unified CLM

    Connect functional areas with a contract intelligence platform as the connective tissue between functional areas, breaking down silos, reducing friction, and democratizing the data in contracts for shared visibility into contracts and profitability.

  • Transform contracting processes with automation and AI

    Automate and standardize end-to-end contract processes from contract creation to negotiations to reporting with AI-powered contract intelligence to improve partner and vendor relationship management, reduce enterprise risk, and unlock contract insights.

Trusted by leading telecom and technology companies

Meet the Telecom and Technology companies already benefiting from Contract Intelligence. Learn from companies who are achieving operational excellence with contract intelligence to optimize and transform relationships across vast networks of partners, vendors, and customers that support and rely on their services.

Next Steps

Discover the depth of Icertis Contract Intelligence for Telecom enterprises

Value Calculator

Realize the full value of every contract

Estimate the business value you could achieve with Icertis. Use our interactive calculator to see a breakdown, by area, for your organization.

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Icertis Contract Intelligence

Standardize, streamline, and automate every contract – everywhere

Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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Sourcing Application

Place contracts at the center of the sourcing process

Ensure compliance, minimize risk, and create long-term strategic agility while gaining full visibility into supplier’s risk profile and ensuring compliance throughout the procurement process. 

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Icertis Risk Management

Reduce business risk enterprise-wide with intelligent contract risk management

The Risk Management application helps to mitigate business risks in their supply chain and purchasing contracts through proactive assessment, discovery, and continuous monitoring—helping protect organizations from the impact of operational, financial, and reputational risk.

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Icertis Obligation Management

Manage commitments and realize the full value of entitlements

Transform how your organization identifies, creates, manages, and fulfills obligations previously hidden in complex contract language with Icertis Obligation Management.

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