Contract Intelligence for Consulting & IT Services

Stay Customer Focused as the Speed of Business Increases

The Reality

Contracts define every aspect of your business

From client and partner agreements governing commercial models to employment, facility, and services contracts that regulate everyday business activities. To compete in a dynamic market, you need industry-specific contract intelligence—a disciplined, integrated approach to contracts that increases visibility and alignment, empowers your sales team with easy-to-use tools and templates, and reduces financial and legal risk.

The Solution

Contract intelligence tailored to consulting and IT services

Contract intelligence enables you to unlock the data and information in all your contracts to make better-informed decisions, build stronger business relationships, and adapt quickly to fluctuating market conditions — making it easy to aggregate and analyze information in contracts across your organization to increase business agility, visibility, and velocity. 

The Icertis platform addresses key challenges across the contract lifecycle by increasing visibility into obligations and dependencies to ensure you never miss a deadline or delivery due to unforeseen contractual issues. From connecting sell-side and buy-side contracts to aligning contract language with rate cards and billing milestones, Icertis helps you move more quickly to optimize revenue while providing guardrails to protect business margins.

Featured Case Study

“Icertis Contract Intelligence has helped us improve contract compliance by streamlining and automating the way we monitor and manage SLA and SOW commitments, cutting what was a two-week contract cycle by 50 to 60 percent,” Sanjeev Prasad, CIO, Genpact.

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Accelerate your Consulting or IT Business


Reduction in contract turnaround time


Visibility into all customer obligations


Reduction in contract administration costs

  • Close Deals Faster

    Automate workflows to have the right people see contracts at the right time and deliver material value in weeks, not months, with self-service contracts and accelerated approvals.

    • Client, partner, and subcontractor agreements
    • Third-party paper analysis
    • Integrations with enterprise systems
    • Artificial intelligence (AI) powered negotiation
  • Proactively track customer obligations

    Ensure you and your clients stay on track and meet the obligations of your mutual agreements with robust dashboards that give you real-time visibility into key performance metrics.

    • Identify obligations and risks with AI-powered business applications
    • Reduce penalties and obligation risk
    • Track compliance obligations
    • Enforce obligations
  • Realize full contract value

    Strengthen your operations with insights to meet contracting goals, reduce contract administrative costs, and ensure revenue recognition.

    • Adopt the platform with ease
    • Track bid versus actual with certified integration adaptors
    • Gain end-to-end visibility of milestones
    • Track bonuses and penalties
  • Integrate seamlessly with enterprise technology

    Icertis Contract Intelligence for Consulting & IT Services integrates seamlessly with business, sales, marketing, and transactional software from the world’s leading vendors, giving you better visibility into—and control of—contract data and information, wherever it resides.


Contract Intelligence for Consulting & IT Services

Today, consulting and information technology (IT) services companies operate in a commercial environment defined by dispersed operations, amplified customer and employee expectations, and increased security needs. With these trends come an imperative to move faster, realize maximum value across all commercial activities, and proactively track customer obligations and fulfillment.

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Companies are rethinking how they leverage the contracts that define their relationships with customers and partners. Learn how several companies structured, connected, and capitalized on critical contract information to accelerate commercial negotiations, increase compliance, and reduce stakeholder risk.

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Icertis Contract Intelligence

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Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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