Technology, Media, Telecom & Consulting

A Contract Intelligence Platform As Innovative As You Are

Contracts define the customer, supplier, and partner relationships that make technology, telecom, media, and consulting organizations tick. Drive innovation and hypergrowth with contract intelligence technology that unlocks contract data and delivers speed, revenue, and compliance.


Realize more from your contracts 

Icertis has extensive experience across TMT and consulting. Our AI-powered contract lifecycle management platform optimizes every step of the contracting process from contract initiation to negotiations to ensuring the full intent of every contract. Explore how your organization can realize value fast with contract intelligence built with your industry in mind.

  • Technology

    Onboard new customers and partners quickly for amplified business growth

  • Media

    Digitally transform artist, distribution, merchandising, and employee agreements and realize full contract value across the enterprise

  • Telecom 

    Manage spend by gaining visibility into your contracts across the enterprise and telecom ecosystem while ensuring compliance and managing risk.

  • Consulting & IT Services

    Stay customer focused as the speed of business increases

  • Growth Tech

    Scalable contract management for growing businesses