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Icertis Contract Intelligence for Higher Education

Improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve institutional decision making with the AI-powered Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform.

The Reality

Decentralized, siloed contract management processes can hold Higher Education back

Colleges and universities face reduced operating budgets and increased pressure to modernize outdated technology while operating across multiple divisions and departments and managing a high volume of contracts. Decentralized, siloed procurement operations create lengthy–often duplicate–contracting management processes that result in limited efficiency, low transparency, and unnecessary compliance risk.

The Solution

Contract Intelligence delivers efficiency, visibility, and centralized control

Contract intelligence enables colleges and universities to improve contracting outcomes and deliver more value to students. With a centralized, single source of truth for all contracts, Icertis contract management for Higher Education empowers institutions with contract consistency, visibility, and control across divisions and departments. The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform includes real-time collaboration, automated compliance checks, and proactive contract performance monitoring.


Gain visibility, increase efficiency, and take your budget dollars further.

Create consistency

with a single, accessible contract management platform to create, negotiate, and approve all contracts across divisions and departments.

Reduce costs

by increasing effectiveness and automation with standard contract templates and AI-powered clause assembly with predictive contract performance analytics. 

Increase contract efficiency

by streamlining and standardization manual, paper-based contracting with intelligent contract setup, guided negotiations and automated workflows.

Strengthen supplier relationships

and improve contract performance with real-time collaboration across both internal and external stakeholders.

Inform strategic spend decisions

and identify savings opportunities when establishing, re-competing, or consolidating contracts with real-time AI-powered contract insights.

Boost compliance

and minimize risk with ICI obligation management, including rules to generate obligations and ability to search-and-find clauses impacted by regulatory updates.

Reduce procurement time

and complexity by applying standard approved contract language and oversight, with automated workflows and exception management.

Increase visibility

and reduce duplicate efforts across departments with a single source of truth for all contract data including vendors, pricing, and obligations.

Ensure security

with granular role-based access controls to enable collaboration by providing right-size user permissions to internal and external stakeholders.


Industry-leading security and compliance

Built on Microsoft Azure secure cloud infrastructure and providing built-in GDPR and obligation management, Icertis Contract Intelligent for Higher Education is the go-to contract management software for secure, compliant, contract lifecycle management for educational institutions.

Discover the Icertis advantage for Higher Education

Industry-leading, secure contract lifecycle management for Higher Education

Realize immediate value with out-of-the-box contract management capabilities purpose-built for educational institutions, combined with the flexibility to swiftly adapt to your unique institutional needs.

  • Intelligent contract setup

    Apply AI-powered insights to negotiate best possible terms and outcomes and reduce time authoring and reviewing contracts.

  • Reporting and dashboards

    Better inform strategic purchasing decisions, reduce fragmented spend, and see operational KPIs in real time with predictive analytics and insights.

  • Contract operations

    Streamline and standardize manual, paper-based contracting and processes with intelligent contract setup, guided negotiation, and automated workflow.

  • Governance, risk & compliance

    Proactively identify, assess, and manage all contract risks and monitor vendor performance to ensure contractual obligations and critical milestones are met.

Next Steps

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