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Contract Management for Government Contractors

Increase win rates and improve performance with contract intelligence

Increase win rates and improve contract performance while improving compliance with critical federal regulations with an AI-powered contract management solution integrated with acquisition.gov.

The reality for federal contractors

Manual, disconnected, contract processes are a major barrier to success

Government contractors must track and meet all the contract requirements and obligations from the base award through the last modification. They must also comply with various federal regulations and requirements, including FAR/DFARS & agency supplements. Rising to these challenges is hindered by disjointed, manual and error-prone pre- and post-award processes and monitoring systems. Prime contractors must also negotiate contracts with many subcontractors and then manage those relationships to get a project completed, invoiced, and paid.

Gain a competive advantage

From capture through closeout, create efficiencies across the entire contract lifecycle—with contract intelligence

Icertis Contract Intelligence for Government Contractors (GovCons) helps organizations win more federal contracts by improving contract performance, compliance, and audit support. This empowers organizations to deliver better results for their customers and higher margins for their stakeholders. Discover a comprehensive, end-to-end AI-powered solution with automated workflows designed specifically for government contractors to support the complete federal contract lifecycle including capture management, prime award, subcontract management, deliverables, and contract closeout. 

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The benefits

Discover the speed, security, and scale contract intelligence delivers


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  • Win more contracts

    Develop a capture plan, identify teammates, and build proposals faster with automated color team reviews and automatically populating opportunity details and capturing related documents

  • Set and achieve contract performance goals

    Monitor progress in real-time, stay on top of obligations, and identify potential issues early on—including contract modifications or risks associated with scope changes and performance issues

  • Streamline compliance workflows

    With an integration to acquisition.gov, AI-powered clause management and automated alerts regarding regulatory updates, you’ll ensure the accuracy and completion of compliance-related tasks

  • Accelerate processes and minimize errors

    Enhanced visibility of contract deliverables, milestones, and performance metrics combined with workflow automation enables data-driven decisions and optimized profitability

  • Ensure security and scalability

    ICI for Government Contractors runs on Microsoft Azure (GCC High) and is FedRAMP Moderate Ready (NIST 800-53). Customers can depend on security, reliability, compliance, data privacy, and built-in AI capabilities that only Icertis offers.


Gain a competitive advantage throughout the entire federal contract lifecycle

Few moments in government contracting have been so ripe for opportunity. Do you have the systems in place to seize it? Access this eBook to gain expert insights into how AI-powered contract intelligence technology is helping government contractors optimize the acquisition and every step of the federal contract lifecycle.

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Secure, protected, compliant

Icertis Contract Intelligence is built for Federal Contractors

Built on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud platform (FedRamp Moderate or High) to meet FedRamp, ITAR and CMMC security requirements, Icertis Contract Intelligent for Federal Contractors is the go-to government contract management software choice for secure, compliant, contract lifecycle management at scale for federal contractors.

Contract Intelligence for Government

Specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of doing business with the Federal Government

Optimize contracting processes for today’s complex government contracts with industry-leading end-to-end government contract management software. Gain immediate value by unifying capture, deliverables, subcontract, and post-award management within a single AI-powered solution designed for federal contractors.

capture management in Icertis

The Capture Management module tracks opportunities and proposals, highlights risks, and provides reporting. This module offers a standardized framework for Business Development, Capture, and Proposal teams. It allows them to focus on the right activities, create curated documents, and utilize automated workflows to improve their win rates.​

Through pre-built integrations, such as those with Salesforce and SAM.gov, federal opportunity creation is streamlined by automatically populating opportunity details and capturing related documents.​

After identifying an opportunity and populating it within ICI, a contractor develops a capture plan for the upcoming proposal. Users can identify potential teammates, execute NDAs, and develop Teaming Agreements so that the contractor can refine their capture and proposal strategies.​

At the proposal stage, automated workflows based on dollar amount, type of procurement, etc., are applied based on industry standards, such as Shipley's Method's color team review process.

Prime contract view in Icertis

All aspects of award management are simplified and automated in the Prime Contracts module, including comprehensive line-item support, FAR, DFARS, and agency supplements incorporation, and seamless integration with modern enterprise resource planning systems.​

​Our platform includes AI/ML and OCR capabilities that let users read, parse, and ingest documents. The GovCon solution intelligently analyzes, extracts, and presents relevant information to the Contracts team for review and creation, including related CLINs, SLINs, ELINS (including CDRLs), ACRNs, clauses, and deliverables, thereby reducing contract setup time and helping to capture all contract obligations embedded in the contract.​

With our automated clause library management, the solution automatically monitors acquisition.gov for revisions and updates to clauses and notifies relevant parties when a change is detected. In addition, the Federal Clause Adaptor allows users to identify and report on clauses based on a risk-score profile embedded within your portfolio of contracts, as defined uniquely by your business. ​

Contract professionals can efficiently and proactively identify changes in terms that may increase their company's risk and may require further internal review or escalation with an easy side-by-side comparison of changes to clause language.​

Subcontract view in Icertis

The GovCon solution has an integrated Subcontract module that simplifies creating subcontract agreements. Managing subcontracts, modifications, and contracts throughout the contract lifecycle is streamlined and simplified. It is possible to designate prime terms and government flow-downs within the GovCon Solution's clause library to automatically add them to subcontracts per the prime contract and associated teaming agreement requirements.​

Users can create standard company subcontract agreements based on prime contract data fields, line items, clause libraries, and deliverables lists. ​

Rules for approval include escalation based on sole/single source, dollar volume, undefinitized contract actions, elevated risk clauses, etc.​

In addition, automation of compliance checklists, configurable by award type and dollar volume, is provided to capture security accreditations, SAM/EPLS verification, and SMB certification obligations to support internal and external auditing requirements.​

Delivery schedule in contract management

The Deliverable Management module allows users to manage suppliers, track deliverable deltas, develop and review delivery documentation and perform approvals.​

Users can capture the CDRL delivery commitments & all obligations and establish Contract Metrics for KPIs or reporting. In addition, tight integration with ERP systems such as SAP provides for contract setup of associated data such as Funding, ACRN, and Scheduling attributes.​

Out-of-the-box support for DCMA/DCAA or other Customer/Agency audits lessens the time and effort necessary to meet regulatory compliance. For example, the system triggers automated actions on receiving Corrective Action memorandums based on the processes defined by the contractor.​

Contract closeout view in Icertis

The Closeout module streamlines the contract closeout process with an automated workflow that includes tasks and notifications for stakeholders to ensure the completion of all necessary steps. In addition, users can track all milestones and checklist items to monitor the status of contract closeout tasks.​

​As a single source of truth, the solution's centralized repository enables users to securely store and manage all contract documents, including final invoices, completion certificates, and closeout reports.​

Users can assess subcontractor performance and track timeliness, quality, and compliance metrics during the contract closeout. And lastly, ERP integrations help users manage the financial aspects of contract closeout, including final invoicing, payment processing, and accounting reconciliation.​

Federal Clause Adapter

Manage Risk and Ensure Compliance with Federal Contract Requirements.

Icertis Centralized Repository regularly synchronizes with Acquisition.gov and GovInfo.gov to maintain its repository of FAR, DFARS, and other agency supplements. Automate the flow down process and streamline contract authoring to improve compliance and risk.

DiscoverAI for PubSec

Discover and digitize all legacy and third-party contracts automatically.

Quickly and efficiently discover attributes and clauses, then compare them with federal agency regulations and the organization’s own playbook. Ensure compliance with AI-powered insights and dynamic business rules that guide contract officers to clauses that fully comply with FAR/DFARS, agency supplements and regulations.

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