NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

Contract Intelligence for Public Sector

Realize value fast and deliver for constituents

Governments depend on contracts to serve constituents efficiently and maximize taxpayer dollars. Achieve greater efficiency with contract intelligence technology, streamlining every aspect of the solicitation and delivery process.

  • Government

    Enable contract officers and acquisition professionals to shift to more strategic, compliant, and outcome-based procurement by providing a single source of truth for their contracting needs 

  • State & Local Government 

    Raise decision-making agility, resilience, and strengthen citizens’ trust in government by demonstrating top-to-bottom transparency, compliance control, and financial stewardship of the Source-to-Contract framework 

  • Higher Education

    Enable colleges and universities to improve contracting outcomes and deliver more value to students. With a centralized, single source of truth for all contracts, Icertis empowers institutions with contract consistency, visibility, and control across divisions and departments.

  • Government Contractors

    Win more federal contracts and improve contract performance and compliance. Our end-to-end AI-powered solution supports the complete federal contract lifecycle including capture management, prime award, subcontract management, deliverables, and contract closeout.

Benchmark Report

Transforming public sector contracting: new trends and strategies for 2024

83% of public sector leaders now prioritize improving internal processes, reflecting a significant focus on efficiency and transparency in 2024.

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