NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence


Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) 101 for Energy & Utilities Industry

A beginner's guide to contract lifecycle management (CLM) and its high impact for energy and utilities customers.

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Because of its combination of vital data insight and risk management capabilities, contract lifecycle management is poised to become the next big enterprise software category, and the industry has been expanding to meet the growing interest. IT service management company Gartner reports a rate of growth for the CLM industry of over 40% year over year.

Key Findings

Contract Intelligence could save your organization millions each year


World Commerce & Contracting
Organizations see an average 8% revenue erosion from their contracts due to mismanagement


Harvard Business Review
Potential losses per contract prevented through effective contract administration


Administrative costs associated with contracts are reduced through implementing automation

Next Steps

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Icertis Contract Intelligence for Energy

With AI-powered contract digitization and insights

Icertis has a team of over 700 research and development professionals looking at manufacturing contracts and training AI on them, so the AI can recognize language to identify inflation and price locks, milestone data, penalty clauses, rebates, incentive clauses, etc.

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Icertis Contract Intelligence for Utilities

Optimize business operations, streamline collaboration, and improve compliance.

The power, utilities, and renewables sector plays a critical role in bringing electrification and low-carbon solutions across the globe through new business models and technology innovation in a world of rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

Explore Icertis Contract Intelligence for Utilities

Icertis Contract Intelligence

Standardize, streamline, and automate every contract – everywhere

Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

Explore Icertis Contract Intelligence