Icertis Contract Intelligence for Construction​

With an AI-powered tool for contract lifecycle management

The Challenge

Leverage the Full Value From Every Commercial Relationship

Contracts are the foundation of commerce, and they support the entire construction value chain including Engineering & Technology, Supply Chain & Procurement, Production & Operations, Human Resource Management, Partner Management, and Sales & Marketing. Contracts have a direct impact on the revenue and spend of an organization. But have you ever measured how well your contracts are performing for your enterprise?​

    • Suboptimal contract terms combined with suboptimal fulfillment can cause an erosion of value equal to 9% of a business’ annual revenues. (World Commerce & Contracting Association).​
    • Managing large capital projects dependent upon goods and services from a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, and agencies during a time of increasing geopolitical and macroeconomic uncertainty.​
    • Continued pressure on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies concerning ESG, safety & operations, regulations and more, all while increasing top-line and bottom-line revenues.​
    • With contracts touching virtually every dimension of the Construction supply chain, how can companies ensure the intent of every agreement is fully realized as part of ongoing operations?

Business Levers

Common Construction Business Levers Enabled by Icertis Contact Intelligence​

  • Revenue Leakage

    Construction firms can link project payment commitments and delivery/acceptance schedules within contracts to identify and act on variances due to macroeconomic factors. ICI enables interoperability with other systems of record.​

  • Risk & Compliance

    All stakeholders across the engineering, construction, and project management supply chain can create a unified single source of truth for their contracts - both intracompany and external - to better govern risk and decrease time to mitigation.​

  • Managing Flow Downs

    Architects and Designers can be confident that their flow down requirements – including engineering, safety specifications, service levels, project schedules – are being analyzed and acted upon to increase compliance and avoid downtime.​

  • Supplier Visibility

    Developers and Contractors can be confident that they have visibility to their suppliers, trades, and materials delivery expectations – down to the clause, attribute and obligation – to avoid disruption to project schedules.

  • Margin Protection

    Engineering and Contractors, along with material suppliers, can compare variances between contracts and actuals to pinpoint factors that contribute to margin erosion (e.g., materials, shipping, labor, inflation).

  • Operational Productivity

    Creates a new level of contractual intelligence and data transparency for the entire EPC supply chain by having a centralized platform that integrates with other systems of record.

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Industry experts all agree. Learn why in a recent report, IDC said, “Icertis is differentiating on a number of pathways here, potentially playing chess while many other vendors are playing checkers, when it comes to value.”


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