Contract Intelligence for Legal

Increase productivity, improve visibility and maintain total control of your contracts.

The Icertis platform helps legal teams work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, with the visibility and insight to better manage risk and ensure compliance

Today’s increased speed of business has put unprecedented demands on corporate legal teams, who are asked to reconcile, negotiate and approve contracts in record time. The Icertis Contract Management platform not only allows legal teams to work faster and more efficiently but also provides them with the visibility and insight to better manage risk and enforce compliance across an entire portfolio of contracts.

The Icertis platform has a variety of powerful, configurable tools to increase the speed time to contract, including self-service contract creation wizards that can be modified by authorized users to easily adjust workflows, authoring rules, and approval workflows without the need for custom development or additional IT resources.

Working with third-party paper is much easier with the Icertis Contract Management platform. Intelligent character recognition and integration with productivity tools like Microsoft Office make it simple to bring contracts into the platform and to identify clauses and terms that deviate from your own.

Negotiations move faster with a robust clause library with fallback and dependent clauses, version tracking, localization support, and one-click approvals, plus support for all major mobile platforms and devices.

But the most powerful capabilities lie in the platform’s ability to help you track risk and compliance across a portfolio of contracts. Risk analysis reports, compliance and obligation tracking, plus customizable notifications and alerts, keep you ahead of any potential problems. Users can quickly pull up associated contracts or documentation, like Master Service Agreements and subsequent scopes of work, providing a holistic view of each agreement and its dependencies. And all of this information is available from a simple, configurable dashboard.

Featured Case Study

“We had no idea where our contracts were, what they said, or who had them.....Now, if we have a contract with a supplier in the US, our team in China can easily leverage it.”
Ken Baughman
Vice President & General Counsel, Supply Chain and Real Estate

Continued value post-execution

Icertis Contract Intelligence gives legal full visibility and a set of powerful tools

The true value of Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) begins after a contract is signed. ICI gives legal full visibility and powerful tools to ensure what you and your partners have committed to happens, even as conditions change, thereby minimizing risk and ensuring the intent of every contract is fully realized.

  • The deep knowledge and powerful tools your legal team needs.

    The Icertis platform offers powerful, configurable tools that empower your team to ramp up quickly and streamline contracts and processes. Gain real-time insight into contract negotiations and manage a third-party paper the way you manage your own contracts with our powerful AI technology.

  • Unmatched CLM technology for legal.

    The Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform is trusted by legal departments at the world’s most iconic brands and disruptive innovators for its ability to help them work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, with complete visibility and high-impact insights, they need to better manage risk and ensure compliance.


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Icertis Contract Intelligence

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Transforming contracts into structured, connected, and on-demand data is just the beginning. Discover the power of intelligent contract creation, automation, and insights to realize the full intent and maximize the value of every contract, clause, and obligation across the enterprise.

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