Contract Intelligence for Legal

Increase productivity, improve visibility, and maintain total control of your contracts.

The Challenge

Strategic legal departments hindered by non-strategic contract processes

Manual reviews slow down business and create risk.

Today’s legal departments are expected to be more than “protectors” of the enterprise– they are expected to be strategic partners leveraging their expertise to help their organizations move at the speed of commerce while improving enterprise risk management.

Contracts are a critical part of responding to this new reality: Contracts are one of the most common touchpoints between legal and the business, and organizations are looking to legal to innovate on how to make these powerful agreements a more strategic part of the enterprise.

Yet for many enterprises, contracts have remained static documents as the business around them has digitized. For legal, this can create the perception that they are slowing business down while also creating risk across the enterprise.

The Solution

Leading legal organizations are turning to AI-powered contract intelligence

Icertis Contract Intelligence delivers enterprise-wide control and visibility of your contracts.

Icertis’ advanced, AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology is used by legal departments at some of the most iconic enterprises in the world to achieve faster contract turnaround time and better risk and compliance management.

Icertis’ contract management software starts with easy-to-use, centralized clause and template libraries that enable legal to get a handle on what contract language is being used in the business. From there, teams can extend contract management self-service to non-legal users so they can generate standard contracts on their own without the support of legal. The system tracks if contract redlines are made so legal can get involved where needed.

Featured Case Study

“There’s now a one-stop shop for the business to be able to go through and get the right template and get it signed. It’s very low-touch from the legal perspective.”
Simon Anolick
Director Legal Counsel, HERE Technologies

Negotiations also move faster with a robust clause library with fallback and dependent clauses, version tracking, localization support, and one-click approvals.

But the most powerful capabilities lie in the platform’s AI-powered ability to help you improve risk management and compliance management across a portfolio of contracts after contracts are signed. Risk analysis reports, compliance and obligation tracking, plus customizable notifications and alerts, keep you ahead of any potential problems. The system becomes a critical compliance management system for the organization.

Users can quickly pull up associated contracts or documentation, like master service agreements and subsequent statements of work, providing a holistic view of each agreement and its dependencies. All of this information is available from a simple, configurable dashboard.



Microsoft empowered its employees to create their own procurement agreements, accelerating simple SOW creation time by 83%


Ferring Pharmaceuticals leveraged Icertis template management tools reduce commonly used templates by 80%


HERE Technologies leveraged Icertis AI to digitize 70,000 legacy contracts

“We had no idea where our contracts were, what they said, or who had them...Now, if we have a contract with a supplier in the US, our team in China can easily leverage it.”

Ken Baughman,
Vice President & General Counsel, Supply Chain and Real Estate

Case Study

Vertiv Upgrades Contract Management System to Power Business Transformation

Learn how Icertis created a custom solution for Vertiv to meet the contract management needs of the technology infrastructure manufacturing giant, Vertiv.

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