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Contract-centric Sourcing: A New Paradigm

Sourcing organizations need to move faster than ever to assess and secure vendors. The multi-step process of securing a vendor is time-consuming, and prone to leakage and risk. Leveraging contracts and relevant data is crucial for any sourcing organization that…
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Managing Risk with Enterprise Contract Management

Risk management has many dimensions for any enterprise. Significant risk can arise from business activity, partners, customers, vendors or regulatory environments. While the sources of risk are many, all risk is defined, governed or affected by contracts. From bids to…
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From Static to Strategic, Using AI to bring Contracts to Life

For the first time in the history of commerce, contracts are being completely digitized. This development, combined with the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), has business leaders entirely rethinking the role contracts can play in their enterprise. To learn…
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The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Contract Management for General Counsel

The accelerating pace of business, the global reach of commerce and the rapidly shifting regulatory environment have created many new opportunities for today’s enterprises, and with it new and heightened risks for them to navigate.  In the face of this…
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The Future of Procurement: Data Driving AI

Historically, it has been prohibitively expensive, time consuming and risky for an enterprise to map accurately and at scale the attributes and clauses in legacy and third-party contracts to their semantic definitions. But today, artificial intelligence (AI) enables us to…
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The Definitive Guide to Sell-side Contract Management

In today’s fast, competitive business environment, every organization wants their sales team focused on one thing: generating revenue for the company. Sales teams that are slow in responding to opportunities, or that can’t quickly and nimbly respond to customer demands,…
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Enterprise Contract Management for Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and life sciences (HLS) industry stands at a pivotal moment, with marketplace disruptions, heavy regulation, and emerging technologies creating challenges and opportunities. Companies ranging from pharmaceutical developers to health insurance providers to large hospital groups are realizing that…
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eBook: Enterprise Contract Management for Banking and Finance

As anyone who has a banking app on their phone can tell you, the digital transformation is well under way in the financial industry. Breakthroughs in financial technology have made it possible for bank customers to deposit a check, apply…
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Report: Why Enterprise Contract Management is Essential for GDPR Compliance

In May 2018, the European Union will enact broad new personal data privacy regulations that will challenge the information security systems at many companies. Overlooked, however, have been the implications for how companies manage their contracts. To ensure compliance, companies…
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Value Creation in Enterprise Contract Life Cycle Management – featuring Gartner research

Download the report to hear Gartner’s take on contract management, and a multi-vendor view on evaluating a contract management platform that works with your business processes. A contract management solution initiative in any enterprise starts with automating the contract lifecycle…
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Risk Compliance and the Bottom Line – Why Contract Management Matters – InsideCounsel

In today’s increasingly litigious business climate, risk abounds as enterprises try to navigate the regulatory, governance and legal issues that impact business practices and ultimately profitability. Although organizations rely on contracts to protect their interests and their assets, the accelerating…
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The Intersection of Contract Invisibility and Risk Management – Spend Matters

Supply chain risk is increasing by the day. Not only are nine in ten organizations at risk of a significant supply chain disruption over the next year, but a recent publication by Think Executive noted that risk is expected to…
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Guide to Enterprise Contract Management Software

Enterprises today are complex operations with global supply chains, diverse markets and large portfolios of products and services. They are connected and engaged with a plethora of external entities as part of daily operations and all of these engagements are…
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