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On-Demand Webcast: GDPR Compliance for Your Contracts

Get on track for GDPR compliance The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is quickly…
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On-Demand Webcast: Digital Contracts as the New Foundation of Commerce

Companies are shifting their digital transformation efforts from surround to core business…
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On-Demand Webcast: Accelerating Time to Value with Icertis Contract Management

Many large enterprises are running critical business operations on contract management systems…
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On-Demand Webcast: Learn about the critical role contract management plays in risk mitigation

The world of business is changing. Today’s modern enterprise is a complex operation with a…
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On-Demand Webcast: Contract Management Maturity - A Tool, an App or a Platform?

It’s time to re-evaluate your contract management strategyContracts are the foundation of…
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On-Demand Webcast: The State of Blockchain and Contract Management - Featuring Gartner Research

Contracts are the backbone of an enterprise. Blockchain technology will have important…
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On-Demand Webcast: Next Generation Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) – An Analyst's Insights

Our special guest, Andrew Bartels, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester and Samir Bodas, CEO…
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Financial Insights Through Contract Management

In this video you will learn how companies can define and track the contract performance and…
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How Icertis Contract Management helped 7 CXOs increase revenue, reduce costs, and ensure contractual compliance

In this video you will learn how Icertis Contract Management helped 7 CXOs increase revenue…
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How effective is your existing contract management?

In this video we discuss how businesses in today’s time demand enhanced visibility into…
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Enhancing Contract Intelligence with Collaboration and Analytics

A joint video with IACCM and Icertis in which we discuss new perspectives on contract management.
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Enterprise Contract Management – A strategic and proactive approach to unlocking value and minimizing risk

In this video we discuss how Next Generation Contract Management Solutions can revitalize an…
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Realizing NexGen Enterprise Contract Management Value in Global Organizations: The Microsoft Experience

In this recorded webinar, you will learn about Microsoft’s experience in moving from a…
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Contract Management 2020: Out of the Trenches and Into a New Digital Era

Contract Management can be complex with different expectations from Product, Legal, Finance…
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Opportunity to Save Millions: Realizing the Savings Potential of Global Sourcing Agreements

In this video we discuss how an efficient and effective contract management system can save you…
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