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Contract Intelligence for Distribution

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The Modern Distributors Industry and Contract Intelligence

Distributors are used to needing to sell high volumes of product on low margins to achieve profit targets. Today, chronic product shortages, rising prices, supply chain disruptions, and extreme volatility in consumer demand are making business even more challenging. Companies have to find ways to move inventory even faster and at scale. To remain competitive, every deal needs to be structured correctly and executed perfectly. But deals don’t exist in a vacuum. Companies need to connect the dots and see the bigger picture to remain profitable. Key to addressing these challenges is better contracting. Contracts define the commercial relationships that drive supplier and distribution performance. This eBook explores how advanced contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology empowers distributors to stay out in front of market challenges and opportunities through high-performing digital processes and on-demand data. This gives companies the ability to structure deals and offer rebates, and incentives in ways that drive speed, compliance, and performance across the enterprise.