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Practical Ways to Improve Your Contract Management Process

An effective contract management system requires implementing best practices at all levels of an enterprise and ensuring that the contract management process is repeatable and consistently applied. Enterprise contract management software allows companies to improve business outcomes through good contract…
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Contract Risk Management Guide

No company can completely eliminate risk from their business, but they can manage it. Contract risk is a major danger for companies, but it often goes overlooked. By not paying attention to the risk that contracts can carry, companies can…
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What Is Contract Intelligence?

Contracts are a foundational element of commerce, and they touch nearly every aspect of business from sales to procurement to human resources. Until recently, most contracts were either in the form of paper documents or scanned and saved as PDFs.…
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What Is Enterprise Contract Management?

Enterprise contact management is an approach to contract management that brings all of a company’s commitments into a single system for seamless, holistic management. With enterprise contact management, automated systems replace the inefficient methods of manual contract management systems and…
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How Contract Analytics Software Provides Business Insights

Contract analytics technology is vital to keeping your finger on any legal agreements that your company drafts and enters into. Creating contracts can be a daily task at companies, as even the most simple products and services will carry with…
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How Contract Management Software Surfaces Hidden Value

The first question every business asks when considering a new technology is: What value will it deliver for our enterprise? To help businesses answer this question when considering an enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) platform, Forrester Research has provided six…
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What is Contract Management?

At its most basic, contract management is the process of organizing a body of contracts, templates and clauses to drive standardization and efficient retrieval. However, unsophisticated approaches to contract management are becoming a major liability to enterprises as the risk…
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