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World Commerce & Contracting 2021 Benchmark Report

Access WorldCC’s highly anticipated Benchmark Report to learn how companies are protecting 8% of their bottom line through better contracting.

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The Benefits of Focus. The Cost of Neglect.

With this report, we are seeing a new dawn. The dramatic events created by the pandemic have created an awakening in executive management, a recognition that contracts permeate the business and go to the heart of its efficiency and value. 

They are right to focus. The data shows that an average of 25% of the workforce is involved, in some way, with managing contracts. It reveals the growing cost of neglect – and the benefits that flow from investment and changed expectations. This benchmark shows a growing gap between the best and the rest. Driven by new measurements, equipped with better tools, led by a superior understanding of risk, the leaders are forging ahead.

Read the world’s largest and most comprehensive study of contract and commercial management