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Transforming Procurement with ICM – Report

As automation permeates the workplace and streamlines the procurement process across Europe, procurement teams are finding themselves with fewer tactical, labour-intensive tasks, and more time to focus on strategic activities. This latest report by WBR Insights was conducted by interviewing…
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Spend Matters: Icertis Is a Front Runner in Contract Lifecycle Management

For its Q3 Solutions Map, Spend Matters has ranked 13 Contract Lifecycle Management vendors based on their functionality for buy-side users. Download this free report highlighting their evaluation of the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to learn why the analyst firm…
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Icertis is a Leader, scoring 5 out of 5 for Product Strategy in Forrester Wave report.

Icertis was recognized as a Leader in the newly released Forrester Wave Report for Contract Life-Cycle Management (CLM). Icertis was the only vendor to score a perfect 5.0 in the Product Strategy criterion in all contract management scenarios, and another…
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Smart Contracts are Transforming the way we do Business – a Newsletter Featuring Gartner Research

In the midst of a digital transformation, and at a time when data breaches and security concerns are on the rise, blockchain technologies have the potential to drastically reduce the cost of transactions and enable faster, more secure business. Smart…
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Risk Compliance and the Bottom Line – Why Contract Management Matters – InsideCounsel

In today’s increasingly litigious business climate, risk abounds as enterprises try to navigate the regulatory, governance and legal issues that impact business practices and ultimately profitability. Although organizations rely on contracts to protect their interests and their assets, the accelerating…
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The Intersection of Contract Invisibility and Risk Management – Spend Matters

Supply chain risk is increasing by the day. Not only are nine in ten organizations at risk of a significant supply chain disruption over the next year, but a recent publication by Think Executive noted that risk is expected to…
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