On Demand Webcast: Digital Contracts as the New Foundation of Commerce

Companies are shifting their digital transformation efforts from surround to core business systems to improve sales velocity, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Because contracts are core to the foundation of all commerce, governing every dollar coming in and going out of the enterprise, re-imagining contract management is the key to unlocking the value in digital transformation projects.

Digital contracts can underpin B2B commerce if you can unlock the data in the contracts. Register to learn more and be a part of the conversation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The various stages of CLM implementations
  • How CLM meta data needs to be connected to transaction systems
  • How technologies like AI/ML will help drive even greater contract compliance

Speakers for this webcast:

Andrew Bartels
VP, Principal Analyst

Samir Bodas
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer