The Definitive Guide to Enterprise Contract Management for General Counsel

The accelerating pace of business, the global reach of commerce and the rapidly shifting regulatory environment have created many new opportunities for today’s enterprises, and with it new and heightened risks for them to navigate.  In the face of this change, organizations rely on contracts more than ever to protect their interests and their assets, creating unprecedented challenges to effectively managing these foundational documents.

On account of this, corporate general counsel play an increasingly strategic role in their companies. It is incumbent upon general counsel to find ways to process contracts more quickly—to both account for the speed of business as well as the sheer volume of contracts—while also ensuring these contracts don’t expose a company to risk.

In this eBook, we examine these industry trends and explore solutions to these challenges, including how enterprise contract management allows counsel to sidestep potential disasters while helping to unlock the value buried deep within an organization’s contracts.

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