WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

WorldCC Benchmark Webinar Series

The State of Contract and Commercial Management 2023

We at Icertis are committed to supporting continued research and education around improving contracting processes so enterprises can better realize the value of their commercial relationships. We hope these webinars provide valuable data as you work with your organization to optimize contracting.

Webinar - Part One

The State of Contract Management

Discover the key trends and priorities for contract and commercial management functions as they seek to improve processes, streamline workload, and address skills and resourcing challenges. We explore topics such as the shift away from templates, the adoption of new commercial models, and advances in technology adoption and use.

Webinar - Part Two 

Positioning the Value of Contract & Commercial Management

Learn how your team compares as we reveal key metrics from the world of CCM and discuss the value these represent. We also dig into how the role varies between buy-side and sell-side and between geographic regions.

Webinar - Part Three 

Contract & Commercial Management by Industry

We explore trends and variations in contract and commercial management by industry - how the role varies, its status and priorities, the activities that practitioners undertake, and how they are organized.

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