WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

Product Webinar 

Unlock the Full Potential of Icertis: Join Our Exclusive Webinar on Best Practices!  

Whether you are a seasoned customer or new to the solution, join us to delve into crucial best practices to ensure your Icertis investment.

The topics below will give you practical insights to deliver additional value to your organization:

  • Home Page Dashboards: Navigate through your contracts with tailored dashboards, ensuring easy access to vital information.
  • Agreement Level Dashboards: Gain instant insights into your agreements.
  • Visualize Agreement Journey with Upfront Chevron View:  Track the progress of your agreements with a clear and concise chevron view.
  • Agreement Versioning:  Manage agreement versions for better control and tracking.
  • Advanced Comparison Tools for Agreements & Associations:  Dive deep into your agreements and associations with advanced comparison tools, facilitating analysis and decision-making.
  • System Configuration:  Technical admins can perform configurations independently through the system configuration portal, reducing cross-team dependencies and enhancing efficiency.




George Painumkal
General Manager
Product Management
Preetam Adwani
Associate Director
Product Management