WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

Webinar: Trust, Transparency and Transformation: General Counsel Leadership in the Modern Age of Disruption & Uncertainty

Featuring Accenture and Icertis  

When Accenture’s CEO gave her c-suite the directive to find ways to generate 360-degree value for their clients, she made clear that legal was “not off the hook.”

In this expansive conversation, Christina Demetriades, Accenture’s General Counsel for Europe, shares how her team took up the challenge by rethinking how Accenture manages the contracts that define the value expected by customers: “How can we stop thinking about the contract as a vehicle for protecting us, and really a vehicle for how we deliver success and value to our end clients?”

Watch how Accenture’s legal team used contract AI to light up dark data and extract value across the enterprise 

Through a combination of data, technology, and change management, Accenture’s legal team has driven transformation across the enterprise through an AI-powered approach to contracts. Access the full conversation now to access key insights that you can use in your own organization to reimagine contracting, including:

  • Leveraging contracting technology to light up ‘dark data’ in the enterprise
  • How legal teams can stay ‘human-centered’ in the age of AI
  • How legal can get a ‘seat at the table’ with contract insights