On Demand Webinar

Stay Customer Focused with Contract Management for IT and Professional Services

About this talk

Today, information technology (IT) and professional services companies operate in a commercial environment defined by dispersed operations, amplified customer and employee expectations, and increased security needs. They need to be able to deliver for clients anywhere.

In an industry based on customer service, contracting plays a critical role in the IT and professional services industry, since it is the contracts that truly define how these companies engage with their customers. In this webinar, you’ll learn how contract lifecycle management for IT and professional services enables you to:

  • Increase business velocity with faster contracting execution
  • Proactively track customer obligations and fulfillment to reduce risk
  • Avoid revenue leakage and realize full contract value

Join Kumar Abhishek Srivastva, Senior Director, Pre-Sales at Icertis, as he demonstrates how IT and professional services organizations can leverage contract lifecycle management (CLM) purpose-built for this industry to address common contract challenges and drive great efficiencies and compliance while reducing risk.