WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

On-Demand Webinar

Predictions, Preparation and Practice: Building Resiliency in Uncertain Times with Contract Intelligence

Presented by Icertis and featuring Forrester

In good times and bad, contracts are the foundation of every business relationship. They don’t just define how businesses operate today. They also shape how they will respond to unforeseen challenges in the future.

Contract intelligence transforms these critical assets into structured and connected data, empowering companies to plan for the worst so they can operate at their best—no matter what comes next.

Join this insightful discussion featuring Alla Valente, Forrester Senior Research Analyst, and Bernadette Bulacan, Icertis Chief Evangelist, to learn about:

  1. Macro and micro trends affecting enterprises today as businesses navigate uncertain times

  2. Best practices adopted by leaders to not only drive efficiency, cost savings, and revenue protection, but also better manage third-party risk

  3. Common myths when it comes to contracts and technology transformation and how to overcome them in your organization


Viji Doraiswamy
Head of Product Marketing

Alla Valente
Senior Analyst

Bernadette Bulacan
Chief Evangelist