WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

On-Demand Webinar

CLM in Action: Icertis Contract Intelligence for Banking and Financial Services

Get a first-hand look at our newest product offering: Icertis Contract Intelligence for Banking and Financial Services. See what makes Icertis unique in providing contract intelligence solutions to meet diverse needs across Banking and Financial Services Institutions. 

We'll explore how Icertis Contract Intelligence can help tackle some of the most pressing challenges institutions face today, such as managing third-party risk, regulatory compliance, and diverse business needs. 

We’ll dive into the platform to highlight key features, such as: 

  1. Discovery of existing agreements, terms, and clauses

  2. Negotiation and contract workflow

  3. Obligation management to ensure regulations are met and the intent of every agreement is realized

  4. Management reporting and dashboards 


Jim Burnick
Senior Director, Financial Services Industry Solutions

Manmeet Singh
Director, Presales