WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI


10 Key Contracting Capabilities in the Age of AI

Contract management technology is advancing faster than ever. Catch up to the future with our panel of experts.

The Keys to Contract Management Success – Now and in the Future

Contracts touch every corner of a business, with studies showing that 25% of an organization is involved in the contract management process1. Emerging technologies like generative AI are revolutionizing how organizations leverage these foundational assets to drive revenue, increase savings, improve compliance and eliminate risk across the enterprise. In this panel discussion featuring experts from SAP, Accenture, and Icertis, we’ll explore the 10 contracting capabilities that are must-have for driving future-proof digital transformation in the age of AI.

From understanding how large language models are transforming the ways we interact with contracts to exploring what’s possible when contract data is integrated with other enterprise systems, the discussion will give leaders a firm understanding of the new reality for this exciting technology today and where it is headed in the future.

Watch for insights on:

  • How generative AI is changing the way we interact with contracts
  • Actionable first steps for implementing core digital contracting capabilities, no matter your current maturity
  • Digitizing pre- and post-execution contract processes
  • Smart and secure ways to leverage emerging AI technologies
  • Future-proofing your contract management tech stack


Bernadette Bulacan
Chief Evangelist

Jeramy Ivener
VP Customer Success Management

Baber Farooq
SVP Market Strategy and Solutions

Lisa Bloomberg
Principal Director and Global Lead for Legal Transformation

1[World Commerce & Contracting, “Benchmark Report 2021”]