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Third-party research finds that the average contract experiences 8% leakage. For the purposes of this calculator, we have set a more conservative benchmark of 6% leakage and distributed it across three stages of the contract lifecycle to enable more precise customizations: “Contract settlement” represents leakage from errors in invoicing or collecting; “contract renewal” represents leakage from suboptimal pricing and terms; and “contract compliance” represents leakage from penalties associated with missed obligations and other violations of terms.

The data and results presented in this tool are estimates that provide directional value. Icertis makes no warranties, express, implied, or otherwise, as to the information generated by the tool or any organization’s achievement of the potential benefits estimated by using Icertis solutions.


Maximize revenue and minimize cost across the organization

By automating the contracting process and including appropriate guardrails, your business will accelerate the time to sign and onboard new vendors resulting in improved cash flows and lower legal costs.

While Icertis Contract Intelligence will have a significant financial impact on contract creation and negotiation, the bulk of the benefit actually comes post-signature - from reducing commercial leakage and driving contract performance.

Increase Revenue

Identify additional revenue by surfacing entitlements like price adjustment clauses related to inflation. Identify sub-optimal pricing and terms while minimizing errors and delays with ICI.

Decrease Costs

Integrate ICI with your financial systems and automate the contract management process—reducing manual work and mistakes while maximizing and accelerating performance incentives.

Improve Compliance

ICI provides improved visibility into key contract clauses at scale to minimize penalties associated with non-compliance, including obligations, deliveries, SLAs, and more.

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