Evaluation Tool

Contract Lifecycle Management RFP Checklist

A ready-to-use tool for determining the right contract management solution for your business.

Ready to find a great CLM?

The first step to finding the right solution for your organization is asking the right questions to CLM vendors. To help you jump-start the process, we have created this RFP/RFI checklist, which covers the critical capabilities needed in today’s commercial landscape across 22 functional areas. 

The checklist is designed to help you craft a list of questions to submit to vendors and then compare their responses side-by-side. We’ve even created a version in Excel because we know how fun RFPs can be. 

Access the checklist today to start your search for a CLM that meets your requirements for: 

  • End-user functionality 
  • Information security 
  • Enterprise integrations 
  • Implementation support 
  • And more