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Accelerate value-realization from your investments in the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform through effective, in-depth, convenient, customized, and ongoing learning solutions. Continuous learning will enable your teams to fully leverage the ICI and ExploreAI’s capabilities to optimize and automate processes, improve compliance, and boost productivity. The ICI Academy is your one-stop resource for learning to use ICI, drawing on the full potential of the products, and for realizing tangible business benefits.

Icertis Academy Learning Paths


Icertis Practitioner

Format: Blended Learning

This learning trail equips power users to optimize contract management by gaining a robust foundation with the Icertis platform. Power users will streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, enforce compliance, mitigate risks, and maximize value throughout the contract lifecycle. At the end of this learning trail, users will be able to:

  • Author and edit contracts
  • Understand agreement workflows including negotiations, approvals, and signatures
  • Create amendments and terminations
  • Utilize search and reporting capabilities

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Icertis Administrator

Format: Blended Learning

This learning trail equips administrators to govern Icertis system configurations, access controls, data security, maintenance, and overall management per organizational requirements. At the end of this learning trail, administrators will be able to:

  • Understand the configuration modules' flow
  • Create and manage global attributes and master data
  • Create and manage agreement contract types and clauses
  • Create and manage templates
  • Create and manage admin tasks

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Icertis Functional Professional

Format: Blended Learning

This learning trail equips functional professionals with the Icertis implementation basics, including integration, implementation methodology, and best practices.

At the end of this learning trail, functional professionals will be able to:

  • Create the implementation plan
  • Create the workflow
  • Set up standard integrations
  • Perform legacy migration and other bulk actions

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Icertis Technical Professional

Format: Blended Learning 

This learning trail equips developers with a comprehensive understanding of the platform's architecture, Azure integration, and code-level features. Divided into three parts, it covers fundamentals, troubleshooting, and customization. At the end of this learning trail, technical professionals will be able to:

  • Troubleshoot performance issues
  • Write customization code
  • Troubleshoot at the code level
  • Work with APIs

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 Icertis Solution Architect 

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Icertis Certifications


Specialized Courses


Gain expertise through compact courses covering applications like GDPR compliance, Obligation Management, Sourcing, Risk Management, etc.

Format: e-learning 

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Master native Icertis integrations with concise learning modules for Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Workday, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, ODS Reporting, Coupa, etc.

Format: e-learning 

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Enhance industry knowledge through tailored learning modules, such as those for government contractors focused on the federal contract lifecycle.

Format: e-learning 

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Spotlight Series

Stay up-to-date through regularly scheduled live webinars from Icertis experts covering best practices, tips, new features, and more.

Format: Webinar

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Get to Know Icertis Contract Intelligence in These Live Icertis Academy Sessions

These training sessions provide an overview of the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform. Learn how to navigate the platform to author agreements and work with them through the standard agreement workflow.

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Icertis Certified Trainer

Program Guide 

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Icertis Certified Trainer (ICT)

Training Services Terms of Use

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Certification Frequently Asked Questions

A. Please check https://learn.icertis.com/#certifications to learn about the current available certifications.

A. Certificates obtained are available in Accredible.com. Upon successful completion of the exam at the end of a certification course, you will receive a link for your own page at Accredible which will display all the certifications you have obtained.

A. Exam Type: Online
Question: 50 multiple choices
Duration: 75 minutes
Passing score: 70%

A. Once you receive your credentials you can download from Accredible and share on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

A. Validity is different for different certifications. Each certificate carries a Valid Till date. Most certifications are valid for 1 year with some exceptions.

A. Yes. Certifications need to be renewed to ensure their validity.

A. Yes. Your existing certification needs to be valid in order to get re-certified. Once your certification validity has expired, you will have to complete any pre-requisites for the base certification to attempt the certification again.

A. Yes – our certification provider sends out a notification 30 days before the certification expiry.

A. This will change for different re-certifications. Some exams may have a pre-requisite to complete a related course before attempting.

A. No, please contact your Icertis account manager or send an email to ICIAcademySupport@icertis.com. Please note your existing certification needs to be valid in order to get re-certified.