WEBINAR: Turbocharging Legal Contract Transformation in the Age of Generative AI

Contract Intelligence: An AI-First Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

According to Forrester Research, 44 percent of corporate leaders feel the rate of enterprise risk is climbing, and the reasons are straightforward. Business growth, while very welcome, comes with enterprise risk—a natural offshoot of working with an increasing number of suppliers, partners, customers, and engaging with regulatory bodies in different regions.

The right technologies, including emerging generative AI capabilities, can help organizations view and use current enterprise risk as a lever to steer them into the future. This is more than contract management. It is contract intelligence.

Contract intelligence helps organizations model and better manage their risk by:

  • Advancing digital contract management
  • Ensuring all agreements are in compliance throughout the contract lifespan
  • Dynamically triggering appropriate actions
  • Connecting contracts and optimizing processes
  • Using AI as a risk thermometer