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The Contract Value Toolkit

Get expert, actionable insights on how to drive revenue, find savings, and reduce risk in your commercial relationships.

It is time to ask more from your contract management software. Contracts contain critical business information with the power to drive revenue, increase savings, improve compliance, and reduce risk.

AI-powered contract management software empowers you to analyze contracts at scale to unlock cash via  price adjustments, volume discounts, payment terms, and other value levers--all while operating with the confidence that comes with total visibility into enterprise obligations that drive compliance and control risk. With generative AI, many of these insights can be gained simply by asking a chatbot. This is more than contract management -- it's contract intelligence.

Interested? We've created this collection of exclusive assets to help you better understand your options. Access our Contract Value Toolkit featuring market intelligence from  BCG, Futurum, Forrester, and others to see actionable ways to:

  • Gain 2-4% margin uplift through AI-powered contract analysis1
  • Improve supplier contract performance by 20%2
  • Address enterprise risk that 44% of business leaders agree is increasing3
[1] BCG: “Drive Margin Improvements with Effective Contract Management”
[2] McKinsey: “Contracting for performance: Unlocking additional value”
[3] Forrester: “Building Resiliency in Uncertain Times with Contract Intelligence”