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Why Contract Management Software Needs to Meet Customers Where They're At

By Patrick Neeman

When trying to get an organization to adopt new technology, managers should expect to encounter users who aren't naturally technology savvy or are instantly distrustful of new ways to do things.

The obvious problem with non-adoption: companies don't get maximum benefit from new technology since more often than not their people aren't actually using it. The stats back this up: over 70% of enterprise projects fail because of a lack of user adoption, according to Frank Spillers, at Experience Dynamics.

"There are always some people who have their [regular] routines, and they just don't want to change," says Michael C. Mankins, a partner in Bain & Company's San Francisco office and the leader of the firm's practice in the Americas.

Getting your employees to use new software is often an uphill battle. Fortunately, user-friendliness that fits the processes they are comfortable with makes all the difference for new-tech adoption.

The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform is extremely easy to use, with support and training provided along with the system. There are standard and extended support capabilities, along with a robust training process, based on your organization's needs.

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The Icertis Platform: Easy to Use and Effective

ICM helps drive adoption across the entire enterprise with a convenient, contextual, best-in-class experience for both users and administrators that matches existing processes by simplifying them for the end user.

The platform features full mobility support, deep Microsoft Office integration, and configurable personalization that allows the user to tailor the user interface to their needs.

Contextual User Experience

Personalization is simple within the ICM platform. Users can customize their dashboard and see only the information that is important to them. They can also create custom searches called SmartLinks that allow the user to retrieve information about contracts without building complex search queries, both for single agreements and system scope.

The platform's simplicity enables users to get started easily, and super users and administrators can maintain the system without any technical knowledge.

Dashboards and Personalization

With role-based dashboards that track key metrics, statistics and processes around workflow, compliance, financials and user actions, an organization can obtain real-time visibility with the ICM system. It's not just at the single user level: Administrators are also able to easily configure dashboards to track contract statistics and metrics and publish them for user groups.

ICM Experiences

One way companies can dramatically increase adoption of new technology is to find solutions that integrate into software already used every day. This reduces the amount of time users have to switch applications to complete tasks, which greatly increases productivity.

ICM Experiences for Microsoft Office, Salesforce, and other systems delivers this integration by bringing the user experience of contract management to where they are at in applications they are already familiar with. Users can access ICM capabilities within systems they use every day to set up templates and draft and review agreements, with full access to the clause library and all data synched to the contract management system.

Mobile Functionality

The Icertis contract management mobile applications allow users to get push notifications on tasks, view dashboards, search and view contracts and associated information, initiate approvals, update notes, take actions on commitments, and perform many other contract-related tasks. Touch-friendly web access is also available on tablets and other mobile devices.

User-friendliness is a catalyst for tech adoption. See for yourself how easy Icertis is to use by signing up for one of our live demos. Reserve your seat today.

Patrick Neeman serves as Senior Director of User Experience at Icertis.