Watch: How Retail and Consumer Goods Companies Can Protect Margin with Contract Visibility

3-Minute Use Case Video

How many times have you looked at your credit card statement to realize you’re still paying for a subscription you thought you canceled months ago?

Unfortunately, this is a common consumer experience that occurs in the corporate world as well.

Recently, when a major retail organization underwent a spinoff, it undertook a massive effort to review the active contracts in the soon-to-be divested company’s portfolio.

What they found amazed them.

In the above video, Philip Barry, Icertis Industry Executive Advisor - Retail, Consumer Goods, & Hospitality, shares how the company surfaced millions in spending to vendors the company was no longer using.

It’s a cautionary tale for any organization that lacks visibility into the thousands of contracts it enters into with suppliers. 

Give it a watch, then visit the Icertis for Retail page to learn how some of the largest consumer brands in the world including Best Buy and Hanes are leveraging contract intelligence to gain control over their commercial agreements.