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The Dawn of Contract Intelligence

By Samir Bodas

A little over ten years ago, Monish and I founded Icertis with a vision to transform the foundation of commerce. How? By becoming the contract management platform of the world.

In 2014 we bet Icertis on CLM. We grasped that, by harnessing the power of the cloud, building an easily configurable platform, and applying the right technology, we could unleash the potential of contracts—the documents that define how a business runs.

Today, CLM is a $20 billion software category, and Icertis is the undisputed leader. Thanks to our unmatched technology and category-defining innovation, companies are doing more with CLM than they ever thought possible, and improving their business in ways they never imagined. Be it reimagining contract-based sourcing, optimizing contracting provisions, or reinventing how to create and settle rebates and promotions, we've helped companies unlock value–by thinking differently about contracts.

A New Era: Contract Intelligence

As we continue to tackle the most complex challenges by focusing on the intersection between contracts and the systems that enable their intent to be fully realized, Icertis has now pushed beyond contract management and entered contract intelligence.

Contract management focuses on contract storage, standardization, and insights from static contracting data.

Contract intelligence links, in real time, the entitlements and obligations in any kind of contract to critical business processes to deliver on-going and forward-looking insights that drive business excellence. Our customers trust our platform to ensure that the value of every contract is fully realized—even as conditions change.

Contract intelligence transforms contracts into strategic advantage, so companies can stay out in front, now and into the future.

This is the high-impact technology companies need to address the complexity and uncertainty that defines today's business climate. Events like Brexit, GDPR, and COVID have underscored why companies who want to be out in front need to be looking ahead and anticipating, not reacting. They need to harness all available data to identify patterns, predict the correct actions to take, and effortlessly adjust to change. Watching our customers leverage our platform to thrive amid these challenges only strengthened our belief that this was the dawn of a new era, the dawn of contract intelligence.

Icertis Contract Intelligence: Stay Out in Front, Now and Into the Future

To mark this new chapter for Icertis, our customers, and CLM, today we are unveiling an all-new brand. This includes a completely new website, a new logo, and a new name for our platform: Icertis Contract Intelligence.

We chose each brand element to demonstrate the bold vision, unrivaled expertise, and enduring commitment the 1,300+ Icertians around the world bring to our product and our customers every day.

It's said that a brand is a promise, and a great brand is a promise kept. We see this great brand as our commitment to our customers, partners, and the business world at large that our tireless effort to unleash the potential of contracts will continue for another decade and beyond.

Indeed, what hasn't changed through this amazing process is our vision. We are still on a journey to transform the foundation of commerce—by becoming the contract intelligence platform of the world.