The Right Contract Management System Can Boost Your Company's Productivity

According to the American Psychological Association, multitasking—when someone tries to perform two or more tasks at the same time or in rapid succession—can diminish a worker’s productivity by as much as 40 percent.

For business decision makers, this means that enterprise software can't just be judged on its functionality, but also how it integrates into users' workflow: Saddling workers with several screens and interfaces that they must toggle between to complete even a simple task means compromising their ability to deliver for the organization.

The Right Contract Management System Is a Tool, Not a Burden

With this in mind, the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform offers a new approach to enterprise contract management that integrates into tools already being used by organizations to manage communication, sales, procurement and workflow. Icertis calls this integration "Experiences". This notion of experiences underlines how it helps contract managers experience the platform in a familiar interface that they are already using, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, and Skype for business.

Icertis Experiences ensures contract management remains centered in an organization's workflow, while also reducing the amount of switching—or multitasking—necessary for a user, thereby enhancing productivity.

How It Works

Each "Experience" offers tools that leverage the application's native strengths. Take, for example, Icertis Experience for Microsoft Teams. Icertis knows that contract actions and management are a central part of team communication. However, if contract data is siloed in its own application, that important information is less likely to be part of team conversations and actions. Or, if the contract information is retrieved for a conversation, team members must switch applications, thereby hindering their productivity. With Icertis Experience for Microsoft Teams, users can be notified automatically about contract actions and exceptions; users can use rich cards to inject contract-relevant data into comments and notes without leaving the app; and users can be automatically reminded, or leveraged, to complete important contract management tasks. For organizations already using Microsoft Teams for project collaboration and communication, Icertis Experience offers an elegant solution to making contract management a central part of users' workflow.

The Icertis Experiences for Microsoft Dynamics delivers the ability for users to create contracts with a single click; manage contract authoring, workflow, milestones and approvals; and translate commercial terms into contractual data, all without leaving Dynamics. Experiences for Office 365 allows users to write and negotiate contracts within Microsoft Word, execute bulk updates in Microsoft Excel, and, through Outlook, route contracts to desktops and mobile devices.

Similarly, the Icertis Experience for Salesforce allows users to create self-service contracts; stay up-to-date with chatter notification on contract milestones; and govern contract authoring, workflow and approvals all within their familiar Salesforce application.

With the pace of business ramping up, leaders must not only look at software solutions, but how their users experience them. And the ICI platform with Icertis Experience makes it possible to solve the hardest contract management problems with unprecedented ease of use.

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