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Podcast: Contracts over Coffee Podcast with SAP Ariba and Bob Baker

Today, we are launching Icertis's new podcast series, "Contracts Over Coffee". Episodes in this series will bring together the most influential voices in the Icertis Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) partner ecosystem to discuss all things related to contracting while enjoying a delicious coffee beverage.

In the premiere episode, our Senior Director of Partner Marketing, Anne Baker, was joined by Bob Baker from our partner SAP. Bob is the Global Vice President of SAP Procurement Solutions where he oversees the SAP application extension partner ecosystem.

Here are four key takeaways from their chat:

What do you think is the biggest challenge with contracting today?

Bob Baker: Contracts are a very, very wide spectrum. Contracts represent this repository of critical information, and every single one of those contracts has some element of risk into it. Being able to look at that in aggregate, with a wide-angle lens, to reduce that risk, or at least keep it in check, is a real, real challenge.

Where do you think contracting is going?

BB: Contracting is going to expand for [SAP Ariba] beyond just that procurement box. And we know that there are contract lifecycle management solutions out there that are extremely full-featured, that run the gamut in terms of functionality and scope.

That’s where Icertis comes in for us, this partner extension and this partner ecosystem. We think we’re going to get a lot of functional benefit to our joint customers between Ariba and Icertis.

What do you think people would be surprised to know about contracting today?

BB: How much risk there is. The great thing is that companies like Icertis are bringing technology to bear, whether artificial intelligence or the use of scale technologies, like machine learning, to find and reduce risk, especially in the world in which we live today.

We see a lot of supply chain disruption. Whether you’re a buyer or a supplier, you’ve got to manage the risk of both sides of that equation. That’s why we think that the partnership with Icertis really gives us a leg up there and helps customers.

What is one contracting tip that you wish every person out there knew today?

BB: The SAP App Center. There’s a tab there for Ariba Solutions [and for] SAP Fieldglass solutions, which is the other functional piece of the SAP procurement suite. There are ways to extend the product that you may not know about.

SAP, while being a very full-featured suite, can’t cover every solution, every single piece of functionality that our customers are going to need. So we have great partners like Icertis that have listings in the App Center. You can reach out to Icertis directly and begin exploring how Icertis can help you get your work done.

Bob and Anne wrapped up this episode with a little personal history, revealing that Bob's negotiation skills run in his family. Make sure to listen to the full podcast to hear how Bob's father was able to talk his way into securing his son dual citizenship in both Italy and the United States and Bob's amazing "born in a broom closet" story.

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