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It's time for HR to take charge and assume the leadership position: Pranali Save, Icertis

In this interview with ETHRWorld, Pranali Save, Chief Human Resources Officer, Icertis, talks about the HR trends, the evolving employee-employer relationship, and how technology can further improve the HR functions.

Pranali Save is Chief Human Resources Officer of Icertis, which is a leading contract lifecycle management company that handles more than 7.5 million contracts, worth more than $1 trillion, in over 40 languages and 90 countries. As the CHRO, Pranali leads the company's diverse, global team of more than 1,500 Icertians based in 17 countries.

In this interview with ETHRWorld, Pranali Save talks about the HR trends, the evolving employee-employer relationship, and how technology can further improve HR functions. She also shares her new year message for the young HR professionals and why they really need to step up now, lead the way, and take charge.

Talking about how the year 2020 has changed the work landscape, Save said, "2020 has changed the way we work forever, whether we get the vaccine and when we get it, we are never going to get back to the old ways of doing work. Although remote working has existed as a concept, now with the pandemic, it has become a way of working. Whether it is fully remote or hybrid models but it is here to stay. And with that, all our processes are also getting transformed into a virtual world."

She further said, "When we go into the hybrid work model, we will have some people working out of the office and some people working out of homes, and maybe in remote and very-very different locations. How do we remain inclusive as an organization, so everyone has equal opportunity to get the kind of work they want, to share their views, watch the power dynamics? So, a large responsibility comes on organizations to ensure we stay inclusive to these people."

Sharing her message to the young HR professionals, Save said, "For the longest time, the HR fraternity has been watching from the sidelines; CFOs, CTOs, CIOs have so far taken the center stage, but I think finally, now it's time for the HR to take/assume that leadership position. Because the organization, leadership, the employees, everybody is looking at HR — How HR can help navigate the new normal that we are all in for, whether we like it or not? So, it's time for HR to take center stage, it's not a time for HR to be shy."

She added, "The pandemic has been one super equalizer. So, all the 20-25 years of experience that the so-called-HR veterans have, it's of no use. Because they have not seen such a pandemic in any way. So, my message to the younger HR professionals is you are in a better position to push this change. No one has seen it. This generation of young HR professionals maybe a little closer to digitally native, at least they are early adopters of technology. I think they really need to step up now and lead the way. That's my message to them, assume/take charge."

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