NEW REPORT: The State of CLM and AI-Powered Contract Intelligence

Icertis' Dedication to Innovation Is Bringing Home Medals – And Delivering Enterprise-Wide Value

By Andrew Lee

Innovation that makes a difference is at the heart of everything that we do here at Icertis.

We were founded with a bold vision to transform the foundation of commerce. We're doing so with our industry-defining contract intelligence technology.

Why contracts? Simply put, they ARE the foundation of commerce—governing every dollar in and out of the enterprise. We recognized early on as a company that by digitally transforming contract processes and data, companies could unleash vast stores of data across their organization.

As Senior Vice President of Global Customer Advocacy for Icertis, there is nothing more satisfying in my job than hearing how customers have transformed their businesses by utilizing the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform to realize the intent of their contracts.

ICI has changed how they think about their contracts—as not just documents to be managed but stores of value that can serve as a strategic advantage. They are using ICI as the fifth system of record to help run their business.

Whether helping in a global fight against cancer, creating a more ethical supply chain, increasing customer engagement, or discovering more value in their revenue operations, our customers are leveraging ICI to innovate ways to get more out of their contracts than they ever thought possible.

They are doing so by connecting contract data into enterprise systems—a capability that Icertis has uniquely honed as a pioneer in contract intelligence. Contract intelligence goes beyond contract management to ensure the intent of every contract is fully realized in practice. This can't happen if contract data is siloed and static. So our innovation focuses on using AI to extract contract information from documents at scale and integrations that connect it to operational systems like CRM, ERP, and SCM. The ICI platform is enterprise-wide, meaning organizations can make insightful decisions and solve problems across their business with a single solution.

Our innovation has been recognized by analysts, partners, and the media. Now, we are happy to announce we can add the prestigious International Business Awards (aka the Stevie Awards) to the list. The Stevies recognized Icertis this year with two medals for innovation – a silver medal for "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year – Up to 2,500 Employees" and a bronze medal for "Technical Innovation of the Year – At Organizations With 1,000 or More Employees." (This was in addition to a gold medal for workplace design.)

From a customer perspective, the award-winning innovation that Icertis offers is critical because it ensures our technology evolves at the pace of business today. It seems a new crisis emerges every week that puts supply chains or margins at risk. Our platform is so flexible, and our AI so powerful that we've been able to work with our customers to understand everything from contracts impacted by the war in Ukraine to strategies for protecting their margins against inflation. This decreases risk, helps to ensure compliance, and increases revenue.

We have hundreds of developers dedicated to enriching and expanding our contract intelligence capabilities. These developers, along with Icertis professional services, customer advocacy, product management, and SI partners, are in constant contact with our 250+ customers from every industry and geography to better understand how contracts plug into business processes across their enterprise. This creates a flywheel of customer-focused innovation that drives ever-expanding sources of value.

I am truly excited to see where this journey takes Icertis and our customers in the coming years. To my mind, we are only scratching the surface of the value companies can extract from their contracts.

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