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Icertis and Whatfix Partner to Make Adopting Contract Management Software Even Easier

One of the most important measures of enterprise software success within an organization is the level of user adoption. No matter how technically capable the tools are, if end users aren't using them optimally, they are not meeting their full potential.

Even the most easy to use enterprise software can accelerate adoption with the right tools and change management strategies.

Enterprise Contract Management Has Obvious Benefits

An effective Enterprise contract management platform brings multiple immediate benefits to an organization, allowing companies to accelerate, protect and optimize their commercial activities by increasing contracting efficiency, maximizing revenue, controlling costs and reduce risks.

Gartner has stated that effective contract management is an increasingly important part of a company's commercial success. In its 2018 IT Market Clock, Gartner placed contract lifecycle management (CLM) software in the choice category and encouraged all enterprises to begin evaluating how they may implement a CLM solution.

The Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform features an analyst-acknowledged friendly user experience and personalized dashboards that suit each user’s role-unique requirements. ICM also offers deep integration with Microsoft Office applications like Word, Teams, and Outlook to bring contract management capabilities to the productivity tools users use every day.

When organizations decide to shift their manual contract management processes to a contract management platform, the transition requires user commitment to adopt. The user base that uses the platform is often in the tens of thousands for a reasonably sized enterprise. Making sure that users get on-boarded effectively and can learn to use the platform quickly and optimally is critical to getting the best return on investment.

Accelerate Contract Management Adoption and Automate Training With In-app Guidance

Accelerated user adoption begins with a mechanism that helps end users learn on the job. And this should happen right within the application in question, using contextual, illustrative examples. Modern SaaS applications like ICM that enable self-service and reach millions of users can benefit from such mechanisms.

Product adoption platforms like Whatfix provide in-app guidance embedded within contract management software that acts as an always-available companion to end users, helping them with tasks at the time and point of need. Such embedded training ensures that end users are onboarded within the application environment and not a classroom. And all this training is conducted without any external human intervention, right within the ICM user interface.

This is accomplished with the use of interactive walkthroughs embedded within the user interface. These walkthroughs guide users through the task they intend to accomplish as they are performing it.

Adoption platforms like Whatfix are highly efficient in accelerating contract management software adoption because:

  • Training is specific to the tasks that a particular end user is expected to perform within the platform
  • It is always available, meaning contract management users are guided anytime, anywhere they need
  • Training is contextual to the users' needs so they don't have to spend time finding the guidance they require
  • It guides end users through feature updates and changes in the workflows within the software so there is no loss of productivity
  • It helps reduce the time-to-value of contract management software allowing organizations to realize a higher ROI

Whatfix Now Available with Icertis

Icertis has partnered with Whatfix to help its customers accelerate their contract management adoption and reduce the time-to-value on their Icertis implementation. Icertis customers will have the option to enable Whatfix on top of their ICM platform instance.

To learn more on how Whatfix can help improve ICM adoption, contact Icertis today.