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How Accenture Lit Up ‘Dark Data’ with Contract Intelligence

Accenture's mission statement is "Assisting our customers in creating their future."

It delivers on this mission by providing professional consulting and services to some of the largest enterprises in the world—a value delivery that is largely based on two elements: people and contracts.

“Not to overstate it, but there are two things that we as a services company are about: Our people – we have talented people who deploy amazing solutions for our clients,” explains Christina Demetriades, the General Counsel for Europe at Accenture. “And we do that on the basis of contracts – that we sign that are about defining success for projects that our clients are really invested in.”

A “portfolio view” across their customer contracts 

As Ms. Demetriades explains in the clip above, digitizing contract lifecycle management processes has delivered critical insights for the business as they work to deliver for customers. This includes a “portfolio view” of what their terms, conditions, and commitments are across customer contracts. This includes renewal dates, expiry dates, and even clauses related to inflation and cost-of-living adjustments.

“Being able to understand and authorize when we can adjust our rates, what the impact will be, it’s incredibly important to have that data at our fingertips,” she says.

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