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FORTE Takes Home the Gold!

By Pranali Save

Icertis' Values-Driven Culture Earns Gold Medal in Economic Times Human Capital Awards

Some companies aspire to go fast, and we do as well. After all, our definition of execution is to Focus, Follow-Through, and Follow-Up, Fast!

But at Icertis, we are also building our company to go far. We believe Contract Lifecycle Management, or CLM, is the next big enterprise software category, and we believe we are perfectly positioned to dominate the category and become the contract intelligence platform of the world.

We also recognize that the only way we can achieve such ambitious goals is to hire and retain the very best talent in the world and foster their unlimited potential.

Which is why we are so truly thrilled to announce that Icertis has won two Economic Times Human Capital Awards for 2021! The awards, a gold medal and a bronze medal, are based on our ability to demonstrate excellence and measurable impact in the categories:

  • Excellence in Cultivating a Culture of Trust and High Performance (Gold Medal)
  • Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement & Management (Bronze Medal)

These awards put Icertis in league with some of the best-known companies in the world—other medal recipients include PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited, Tata International Limited, and Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd. Together, the medals recognize Icertis' unwavering commitment to employee well-being and growth—a commitment that is driven by our FORTE values: Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution.

For my part, I see these awards as the best validation yet about why FORTE is critical for our success and helps us stand apart from the countless other SaaS companies in the world.

Let me explain.

Ever since Samir and Monish founded Icertis more than 10 years ago, FORTE has guided everything we do as a company. It's a point of pride for Icertis that when COVID-19 hit, rather than abandon our values in favor of quick fixes and expediency, we doubled down on FORTE, and devised the Four Rings of Responsibility framework to support every Icertian (as we call ourselves) during the most challenging moments of the pandemic.

Thanks to FORTE and the Four Rings, Icertians have been empowered and motivated to drive Icertis to new heights. We have continued to see substantial growth despite the headwinds of COVID-19 and have gained universal recognition as the undisputed leader in CLM. We have also managed to onboard hundreds of new Icertians remotely, expanding the Icertis family worldwide.

As ET recognizes in their award citations, Icertis was able to maintain what made us a great company before the pandemic while addressing the "new normal" that it presented. For example, "Excellence in Cultivating a Culture of Trust and High Performance" recognized Icertis' initiatives toward improving the culture for Icertians (existing and new) by adjusting based on effective feedback platforms and survey programs, one-on-ones with management, and investment towards improving work culture in physical, hybrid and virtual scenarios. Among our efforts was a new online platform, Iconnect, where teams from across the world could share real-life examples of FORTE. Through the power of storytelling, Iconnect has enabled us to strengthen our culture while going virtual.

Meanwhile, the "Excellence in Performance and Remote Work Arrangement & Management" award recognized Icertis for innovative work-at-home plans developed and deployed by employers during COVID-19. This award focused on the organization's level of innovation, employee engagement, flexible working hours, WFH strategies, initiative productivity and results over the past 12 months.

All nominated entries were reviewed by an eminent jury composed of leading industry leaders selected based on their HR experience. The criteria for each of the award categories were based on creativity and innovation, sustainability, strategies implemented, contribution to business performance and measurable impact.

At Icertis, we're building a successful and sustaining organization, and we're doing it thanks to the 1,700+ Icertians who show up every day and live FORTE. These awards are for you! Thanks, and may the FORTE always be with you!