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Embracing Human-Centered Contracting in the Digital Age

Insights from Alistair Maiden, Global Advisory Lead at Consilio and SYKE

In the first episode of "The Fast 'Tract," host Bernadette Bulacan, Chief Evangelist at Icertis, welcomes Alistair Maiden, Global Advisory Lead at Consilio and SYKE. 

As a longtime advocate of improved contracting processes and workflows, Alistair shares with Bernadette his philosophy on staying “human-centered” when embarking on digital transformation projects.

Human-Centered Contracting and Digital Challenges 

Contracting, Alistair notes, is challenging because many users may only need to create a contract once or twice a year—but when they do, the process should work. 

He explains, "I'm quite intolerant of things that don't work properly, and I'm actually particularly sensitive about the human side of that—how dispiriting it can be to be a participant or a recipient or a customer of a dysfunctional process." 

Contracting leaders need to ask themselves how they build systems and processes where users are “surprised and delighted, not dispirited and horrified."

The Intersection of AI and Contracting 

AI-powered contracting is evolving incredibly fast, and for practitioners like Alistair, it’s a very exciting moment to be in the business. 
“I feel like I'm a child with a full cookie jar, and I don't know where to get started," he shares, highlighting how AI can streamline negotiations and enable better data utilization for more informed decisions. 

The advancements in AI technology have significantly evolved the capabilities of CLM systems, promising a more efficient and user-friendly future.

Looking Forward: AI Superstars and the Future of CLM 

With the Consortium of Legal Operations Conference (CLOC) fast approaching, Bernadette and Alistair wrap up their conversations sharing what they look forward to in Las Vegas this year. 

Not surprisingly, Alistair’s focus remains on AI—“I'm really interested to see who the AI leaders are going to be,” he says.


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