Elevate Your Contracting Experience With Icertis ACE UX

By Rajan Venkitachalam

As the contracting landscape grows in breadth, depth, and complexity, it is critical that intuitively surface the most relevant business data timely and provide visibility across the contracting process to enhance user productivity.

To meet the evolving needs of the contract management user,

Icertis is proud to launch the ACE User Experience (UX), a next-gen user interface that redefines the contracting experience, boosts user adoption, amplifies productivity, and creates customer delight.


Icertis ACE UX is a modern and responsive user interface that combines powerful data accessibility with simplification and personalization across the Icertis Contract Intelligence(ICI) platform. It enables organizations to scope their contract management investments to suit their unique needs while being ready to scale up as business requirements expand.

Accelarate your contracting

With the all-new ACE UX, Icertis customers can:

  1. Gain broad visibility across the contracting landscape with dynamic, configurable dashboards that provide contextually relevant insights
  2. Gain deep visibility into specific contracts with role-specific agreement dashboards that surface contract data relevant to the user
  3. Amplify user productivity with quicker navigation, better organization of actions, and real-time collaboration on contract documents
  4. Create, review, and analyze contracts faster with advanced, intuitive features for contract creation, tracking, and analysis

Let us take a closer look at some of the enhancements that will enable users to work more efficiently and enable faster adoption for new users!

  • Easier and Intuitive Navigation
    Intuitive navigation and consistency across various contracting entities are critical to usability. The new UX optimizes the screen real estate for contract data, places the action-oriented buttons in front-end thus ensuring quicker access to the most common tasks within the platform. Configurable menus, sidebars, and drawers enable quick execution of tasks, and the hyper-configurable homepage enables users to get started on their work quickly without time-consuming navigation. For example, each user can have an individually personalized or an organizationally specific homepage that surfaces their pending tasks, relevant agreements, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and reports immediately upon login without wasting valuable time.


  • Powerful Agreement Views
    The intuitive personalization and data surfacing paradigms extend to each agreement, where dynamic agreement dashboards surface those critical parts of an agreement that are most relevant to a specific role. For example, a legal approver of an agreement would have a separate agreement dashboard than a finance approver. Split previews enable users to view agreement documents side-by-side with all cataloged terms, such as clauses and obligations. Agreements and supporting documents can be quickly added via drag and drop. Online editing of agreements enables simple, real-time collaboration on documents.


  • Powerfully Intuitive Search and Filtering
    Companies today deal with thousands if not millions of contracts, and it is imperative to find relevant documents quickly and efficiently. ICI's powerful search capabilities look across the document metadata and text to surface results. Instant search surfaces result along with the document context so users can quickly retrieve relevant information. Users can pin common search terms (e.g., MSAs (master service agreements) expiring in the next 90 days) to quickly execute frequent queries. Additionally, split preview enables users to quickly preview relevant search results without having to download entire agreement documents.


Positioned to Scale

These enhancements enable us to continue to deliver powerful new contracting capabilities and create purpose-built customer workflows on a platform that will scale along with business needs while delivering a delightful user experience.

To learn more about the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) Platform, contact us. You can also read more about how top companies are leverage ICI for strategic advantage here.

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