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Building Your Personal Brand and leadership through ICI

By Andrea Rojas

At Icertis, we know that our customers are innovators, change-makers, and industry leaders, within their respective organizations, professions and beyond. It's one of the many reasons why Icertis works tirelessly to ensure the successful implementation and adoption of the Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform. Nothing delights us more than to see our customers achieve value with our contract management solutions and to jointly celebrate that success. Our aim is for ICI to be part of each customer's innovation, change-making, and leadership narrative and to share and spotlight that success widely. Icertis partners with our customers to achieve this in many established (and maybe lesser known) ways.

Guided by our company values, our customer-centric teams are dedicated to hearing your feedback and partnering with you to deliver success. At Icertis, we take pride in continually investing in resources dedicated to listening to your needs and working to provide value in every interaction. Customer Advocacy, Customer Marketing, Customer Support, Product Innovation, and Professional Services are just a few of the many functions in our organization dedicated to ensuring contract professionals around the globe succeed in their journey with ICI.

Our customer-centric team members also embody our FORTE values – Fairness, Openness, Respect, Teamwork, and Execution. For example, in line with our value of Openness, our co-founder and CEO, Samir Bodas, often reminds each Icertian that "feedback is a gift." There are many customer-centric Icertians who want to hear that feedback, respond quickly and ensure your success.

Icertis provides a robust program and community of like-minded professionals to engage and learn best practices, from internal subject matter experts and other customer thought-leaders. Once you become an Icertis customer, you also become part of the rich Icertis customer community. There are many opportunities to connect with other Icertis customers, from our regional customer Connects events (live in-person and virtual, to webinars and roundtables that bring together subject matter experts and customer thought-leaders, to written resources that highlight innovative use and case studies for our customers' benefit. In addition to these event- and content- based resources, Icertis customers also benefit from a digital community where customers can connect and dialogue with each other.

Is there a discussion topic that would be valuable to you as a customer? A specific community of ICI users that you would want to interact with more regularly? Reach out to one of our Customer Marketing team members. They can help connect you with similarly situated customers or internal Icertis subject matter experts who can share expertise, experience and more.

We want to advocate for our customers and spotlight your leadership on this incredible digital transformation journey. In addition to providing resources to ensure the success of your ICI implementation, we can help tell your story of success far and wide. We highlight our customer's success by showcasing results achieved with ICI or spotlighting unique and innovative case and use studies that solve challenging business problems. These customer stories uniquely position our customers as thought leaders in their industry and in the CLM space.

This perception is not limited to the the CLM space, but extends to their respective companies, their professional organizations and beyond.

Icertis can help cultivate your thought-leadership credentials, which can lead to accolades for your company, opportunities for personal recognition, and even career advancement. Successful ICI implementations have been the basis for several award applications for our customers; our customers have been recognized by leading organizations like World Commerce & Contracting, Corporate Counsel Magazine, and many others. Let us help tell your success story, share it widely, and elevate your leadership in CLM and beyond. As I shared in the beginning of this post, our goal is for ICI to be part of each customer's innovation, change-making and leadership narrative and to share that success widely for your benefit.

In conclusion, as a member of the Customer Marketing team, one of the customer-centric teams mentioned above, it has been incredible to witness how many of you have been so generous with your time, insights about our platform and feedback for opportunities you see for improvement. These insights have helped us meet our mission and to support your business to stay out in front, regardless of the fluctuating economic and market conditions. To our existing customers, don't be surprised if one of my colleagues or I reach and ask:

  • "How can we help?"
  • "What can we do to ensure you are successful in your Icertis journey?"
  • "How can we help you showcase and amplify the success of your project?
  • "How can we help you develop your personal brand and help recognize your team?

And to those who are just beginning to explore CLM, know that a customer-centric Icertis team and vibrant customer community awaits to ensure and celebrate your success.

Andrea Rojas is a customer-centric marketing Manager at Icertis with over eight years of experience in different marketing functions. Most recently, she has dedicated her career to the Customer Marketing function, where she helps customers highlight their success with the Icertis Contract Intelligence Technology to the marketplace.