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Accelerating AI-Powered Contract Intelligence Adoption with Whatfix

By Rishabh Gupta, Whatfix

According to a recent survey from World Commerce & Contracting, 94% of contracting professionals believe AI will help them analyze risk and compliance in contracts. That’s the primary reason brands are turning to AI-powered contract platforms like Icertis. It’s their best bet to maximize the value they get from their contracts.

Of course, there is a learning curve with new software, and organizations are always looking at faster realized time to value for their new technology investments. Without seamless user onboarding, their ability to drive successful business outcomes can be hindered.

So, how do you ensure a smooth transition to this AI-powered paradigm and ensure the users are comfortable switching to a new platform?

Recognizing the pivotal role of user adoption in the contract transformation process, Icertis and Whatfix, the global digital adoption platform (DAP) leader, have partnered together to offer a transformative solution that ensures any business user, regardless of their level of expertise, can make the most their switch towards contract lifecycle management with ease and confidence. 

Today, more than a third of the Fortune 100 trust the Icertis Contract Intelligence platform to transform the contract management lifecycle at their organizations. From automated contract analysis to risk assessment, Icertis uses AI to empower you to extract valuable insights from your contracts, reduce errors, and ensure compliance. Whatfix uses its own proprietary AI solution to streamline onboarding and training for new users, allowing customers to do more with their AI-powered Icertis contract intelligence platform.

User-Savvy Technology

You can’t have all your users be tech-savvy, so why not make the technology user-savvy instead? This is the vision that guides Whatfix. The Whatfix DAP makes software work for the end users the way they need it, with contextual experiences built for each individual. 

Whether navigating the Icertis platform or using it to accomplish daily tasks, Whatfix provides the right inputs at the right time. Through personalized learning and continuous support, it ensures a seamless user experience.

Self-Service Learning Powered by AI

With its AI Assistant, Whatfix implements the “learning by doing” concept in your training process. It acts as an interactive layer on top of Icertis, offering users all the assistance they need to familiarize themselves with the platform and enhance their skills.

This approach has many benefits. First, it reduces the need for managerial intervention during the training and early adoption period. Second, all training resources, including visual cues, step-by-step tutorials, and enablement content, is built right into every user’s workflow. They learn as they use the platform, boosting user confidence levels in the process.

Here are some notable functions of Whatfix AI Assistant for Icertis:


Integrated into Whatfix Self-Help, QuickRead scans your Whatfix-connected content repositories to provide concise, summarized replies to user queries, thereby saving users the effort of reading through lengthy documents to find the information they require.  

Survey Analysis:

Embedded within Whatfix Surveys, this enables users to extract, organize, and synthesize key themes and insights from qualitative survey responses.  

Ask Whatfix AI:

Helps content creators and application owners query their data using natural language to get to actionable insights.  

Writing Assistant:

Auto-completes written content, enabling users to quickly draft content and compliant documents across all applications in your tech stack. This will also summarize long format text or expand upon bullet points. 

Whatfix AI Assist:

An intelligent assistant that executes tasks based on inputs provided by the user. (Coming soon)

Support Beyond the Transition

The journey to contracting excellence is not a one-time event but an ongoing process. With regular updates, new features, and ever-growing teams, the need for continuous learning and support remains constant.

Whatfix is your trusted partner in this journey, providing in-app assistance, self-help resources, and real-time support. Users can access information on demand, troubleshoot issues, and stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements.

Measure Success

A successful transition is not just about implementation; it’s about constantly improving your existing processes. This makes measuring outcomes an indispensable part of the process. Whatfix lets you track the effectiveness and efficiency of the digital adoption efforts.

By analyzing indicators of success like user engagement, training effectiveness, task completion rates, and more, you can identify hurdles in your adoption strategy. Backed with the insights, you can use Whatfix AI Assistant to address these challenges, optimize your training process, and improve Icertis adoption at your workplace.

As brands embrace the AI-driven future of contract intelligence with Icertis, Whatfix emerges as a key opportunity to accelerate the journey. By enabling seamless onboarding, personalized learning, round-the-clock support, and data-driven optimization with AI-powered contract intelligence, Whatfix ensures that you take confident strides toward enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and success with AI-powered contract intelligence. 

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